Upstream Operations & Water Handling Training Specialist

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Kuwait, , Kuwait

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Job description

Job Role Responsibilities:

  • Review Competency Frameworks, Competency Profiles and Training Catalogues for Upstream Operations and Produced Water Handling job families
  • Benchmarking against other National and International Oil Companies
  • Recommend and implement updates, recognising Knowledge and Application elements and international best practise
  • Review Learning Options & Learning Tools associated with the Competency Frameworks
  • Rationalize available delivery methods and learning titles
  • Act as Reviewer in the Gap Analysis Discussion (GAD) process
  • External Verifier for OJT and in-house course assessment
  • QA/QC Technical Content of all courses and international attachments
  • Review and develop Under Development (UD) and Under Training (UT) programs for Graduate Engineers and Diploma Technician new hires
  • Input to e-learning, competency assurance, new learning ideas

Mandatory Requirements:

  • Technical/Engineering Degree (BSc or BEng) from a recognized University
  • Extensive knowledge of on-shore upstream Gathering Centre's operations:
    • From Well-head to HP/LP Separators, De-hydrators, De-Salters and export
    • Onshore Water Handling Operations, Produced Well Water and Sea Water Treatment, Storage and Injection, Injection Pump Facilities, Crude Oil Effluent Water System Treatment etc.
  • Must had proven experience in developing and implementing Competency Frameworks, Learning Systems/Tools, Training Quality Assurance, Program and Curriculum Review, Design and Implementation
  • Minimum 15 years' industry experience in related field working with major International Oil Companies e.g. Shell, BP, Exxon Mobil etc
  • Must had a valid driving license