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Carrizo Springs, Texas, USA

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Our client is seeking a Well Analyst to join their team in Carrizo Springs & Catarina, TX on a 14/14 rotation.

Well Analyst Job Description

Morning Variance Reporting:
* Well-by- well overview of each well on the optimizer's route.
o Delegate issues to specific departments (Automation, Operator, Cygnet Support, Engineering)
o Determine course of action for artificial lift adjustments
o Identify long term issues in well's performance

Well Optimization: (Approx. 400 Wells/Optimizer)
* Adjust plunger, gas lift, and rod pump settings
* Determine if subsurface equipment maintenance or replacement is needed
* Identify above ground equipment failure and dispatch appropriate team

Alarm Monitoring/Flow assurance:
* Monitor filed production
* Facility Shut down procedure
o Dispatch operator
o Inform Engineering and Production teams

Operator Support:
* Prioritize operator's daily tasks
* Manually open wells and provide pressure/level readings for operator in field
* Assist in trouble shooting facility and wellhead issues
* Dispatch Vacuum trucks to location (pulling bottoms, etc.)
* Coordinate open top trailer route to attempt to unload wells

Well Test:
* Collect, organize, enter, and quality check well test data submitted by operator
Field management:
* Answer phones to coordinate and guide service companies to appropriate locations
* Perform tasks via CygNet interface to assist with pig launching, tank level management and equipment diagnostics including:
o Manual Pump start/shut down
o CygNet communication verification
o Poll data to ensure validity
Field Services:
* Assess the need for and dispatch well entry services.
o Swabbing
o Wax Cutting
o Hot oil

***The ability to work effectively within a team comprised of an engineer, production analyst, and several operators devoted to a specific set of wells is paramount to the well analysts success.