Quantity Estimation for Civil Engineering

Nanterre, France

Job Reference 1193214

Location Nanterre, France

Industry Oil & Gas - LNG

Function Engineering & Design

Job Type Contract

Date Added August 24, 2023

Airswift is looking for a Quantity Estimation for Civil Engineering  to work for one of our clients on a contract role in Nanterre, France!

Specialist in Estimation of Civil Engineering Facilities (Technician or Engineer)

The purpose of this specification is to define the conditions of performance of the services relating to the  estimation of the Quantities of Civil Engineering  to be carried out by the SERVICE PROVIDER as part of the North Field South Project, located in QATAR   

The SERVICE PROVIDER will ensure the following tasks:
  • The establishment of estimates of quantities of reinforced concrete  ,  metal structure, and  underground networks  (lengths of pipes / volume of cable trenches etc ...) on the basis of guide plans and the 3D model of the contract, analogy plans of other contracts, for the size of the works.
  • Quantities will be estimated on the basis of ratios for  the works (kg per m3 / or m3 per m² for example)
  • Will be in charge of the tagging plans  of all the works
  • The generation of x of Civil Engineering Quantities in T.EN.
  • The generation of  an end-of-quantity report summarizing the basic documents used, the main assumptions, the exclusions, the results and the allowances taken.
  • Coordination of comments from the Project team and Civil Engineering Project Manager

The basic documents made available by the company to the PROVIDER are:
  • The Technical Annexes of the Contract,
  • The special rules applicable to the Project,
  • The study standards of the Project,
  • The locations of the units, key plan,
  • General network plans and area plans,
  • Building guide plans, pipe racks, and shelters
  • The guide plans of the  foundations of the Main Equipment
  • The 3D model
  • The company's quantity slip templates/template
  • T.FR's historical ratios on similar contracts
To these technical documents, we must add:
  • Revisions of the general planning (PLG) or other documents defining work guidelines, objectives, etc.
  • Project coordination procedures.
  • A complete file of all up-to-date documentation relating to the Project is compiled according to a classification plan. This file is permanently available from the Civil Engineering Project Manager.

The studies for which the SERVICE PROVIDER is responsible require the following skills:
  • Confirmed practice in the field of civil engineering:
    • by the technical mastery of this discipline,
    • by mastering the know-how of industrial installations
    • by knowledge of the sequence of tasks.
    • By mastering upstream and downstream interfaces,
  • The ability to use NAVISWORKS in 3D model reading
  • The ability to apply project procedures:
    • from the point of view of respect for the circulation of documents,
    • from the point of view of strict application of procedures for the execution of tasks.
  • The ability to work with the standards, rules and study instructions of the project
  • Coordination with other specialties: Piping, Electricity, Safety, Environment and Instrumentation
  • The permanent monitoring of the project's evolutions by distinguishing the modifications in their priorities
  • The permanent verification of the feasibility of the studies in progress with the technical trades, as well as the realization of comments on their plans
  • The understanding of all technical terms relating to Civil Engineering  (reading / understanding of technical documents)
  • The follow-up of the coherence between the plans of Civil Engineering and those of other disciplines, as well as the maintenance of MASTERS commented "in real time" of all these documents
  • Managing the "expectations" list
  • Reporting to the Business Manager.
It will be essential to follow the rules of the project, the Rules of the Art as well as the Quality Assurance procedures applicable to this project, in particular with regard to:
  • The verification of the quantities generated
  • The traceability of information
  • Compliance with the concept of "MASTERS", governing the traceability of comments and modifications as well as the identification of the latest documents in force
The documents produced by the SERVICE PROVIDER must have the required quality according to the tasks defined above, in particular:
  • Technical quality.
  • Quality of content (in relation to the volume of information about a given document).
  • Quality in the presentation (in relation to the graphics and ease of reading of the document produced).
  • All documents will be written in the language of the contract.
  • The company operational correspondent of the  specialty will be able to carry out all the necessary controls to verify the quality of the documents produced and to ensure compliance with deadlines without this in any way diminishing the responsibility of the PROVIDER.
If you think you might be a good match for this role, please email me your CV at rachel.marques@airswift.com.

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