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Senior Reservoir Engineering Engineer

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Job Reference 1180761

Location Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Industry Oil & Gas - Offshore Gas

Function Geoscience

Job Type Permanent

Date Added November 23, 2022

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Our client is seeking a to work within Senior Reservoir Engineering Engineer to work within their facilities located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


  • The Senior Engineer, Reservoir Engineering performs Reservoir Engineering studies in exploration and development projects and well co-ordinate with multi-discipline (Geology, Geophysics, Planning, Wells, Operations, Engineering, etc.) including coaching junior reservoir engineer.
  • The jobholder primary role is to support the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) activities and studies.
  • The jobholder evaluates and creates plan on resources categorization and maturation plan, reservoir monitoring, decision making for supporting drilling and well intervention operations, data surveillance programme, production/injection performance analysis and optimization with corrective actions and full field development plan for existing development and exploration area. 
  • The jobholder also conduct/update reservoir simulation study or other reservoir engineering studies related to reservoir/ resource management.  In addition, the jobholder prepares a short/long term production forecast for gas, oil and water.
  • Develop Reservoir Management Plan, which includes Monitoring, Measurement, and Verification (MMV) Plan for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).


  • Perform Reserves and Resources estimation, Resources Maturation and Development Plan for both oil and gas accumulations. Provide the reserves movement report in quarterly and annual basis.
  • Estimate the Green House Gas (GHG) emissions and accounting for the project.
  • Identify necessary data acquisition to monitor reservoir and well performance, analyse problems, propose solutions and coordinate with concerned parties to execute relevant activities such as well intervention or workover.  Includes for both in development and injection fields (for Carbon Capture and Storage)
  • Support in wells’ perforation program, well treatment, reservoir management plan and monitoring program including decision making for drilling and well operations.
  • Ensure effective planning and operation of well testing and data interpretation to evaluate well performance and reservoir characteristics.
  • Supervise core and fluid analysis to be carried out in accordance with well specified procedures as well as ensure the validity and the consistency of the results.
  • Evaluate short/long term well performance and compare with prediction.
  • Initial/supervise/conduct studies to support reservoir management work and formulate field development plan.  Includes for Monitoring, Measurement and Verification (MMV) Plan for CCS.
  • Initial/supervise/conduct reservoir simulation studies (if necessary) by incorporating the actual pressure and production data for better prediction of reservoir performance, reserves estimation, and identification of further development needs in terms of well-related work program and well targeting and development of production strategies.
  • Initial, develop, evaluate and integrate surface and subsurface part of field development concepts by taking into account the range of uncertainties and appropriate economics to formulate optimum field development plan and work programs including economic evaluation for a project.
  • Generate medium- and long-term production forecast and establish field development portfolio.
  • Evaluate enhanced recovery technologies and practices for the pilot and full field implementation.
  • Support in Work Programme and Budget preparation.
  • Supervise well completion designs for production optimization and propose remediation plans for idle wells.
  • Analyze production data from existing facilities and determine the production allocation of oil and gas, for reservoir management, regulatory, modelling/simulation and forecasting purposes.
  • Effectively coordinate with geology, geophysics, production operations, well services and drilling by integrating their requirements in the well programming, formation evaluation and well completion.
  • Plan development programs for junior reservoir engineers and monitor their competency development.
  • Ensure production and relevant reservoir engineering database is systematically set up and maintained with verification.

  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Petroleum/Reservoir Engineering or equivalent
  • 10-15-year experience of Petroleum Engineering in E&P industry with operational knowledge in drilling, logging, well testing, well completion, data acquisition / interpretation and good understanding of Geology and Geophysics aspects
  • Skill and knowledge in computer and reservoir engineering software
  • Experience in managing team, coaching junior staff and leading multi-disciplinary team
  • Good command of spoken and written English

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