Soil Erosion Field Officer

Purari River, Papua New Guinea

Job Reference 1193780

Location Purari River, Papua New Guinea

Industry Oil & Gas - LNG

Function Health, Safety & Environmental

Job Type Contract

Date Added September 7, 2023


Position in the Organization Chart: Reports to the Environmental Field Coordinator (N+1), Environmental Manager (N+2)

Job Dimensions
  • Relationships: BSE-ENV team, Environmental and Biodiversity Field Officers, Environmental Waste Officer, Environmental Training Officer, Field Social team, Health, and Safety personnel and RSES.
  • Rotational position (back-to-back position with systematic 1 day overlap at the beginning and at the end).
  • The Soil Erosion Field Officer primarily works outdoors, conducting field assessments, overseeing implementation, and engaging with stakeholders. This position involves on-site fieldwork, data collection, analysis, collaboration with stakeholders, and implementing erosion control strategies to safeguard soil health and prevent environmental degradation.
  • Provide assessment and compliance assurance of erosion and sedimentation controls construction and
  • management in accordance with the International Erosion Control Association (IECA) Best Practice Erosion and Sediment Controls.
  • Field Assessments: Conduct thorough field assessments to identify areas prone to soil erosion, assess erosion severity, and understand underlying causes. This may involve using GPS equipment, aerial imagery, and physical observations.
  • Data Collection: Gather relevant data on soil types, land use practices, rainfall patterns, and other relevant environmental factors that contribute to erosion. Maintain accurate records of collected data for analysis.
  • Erosion Monitoring: Monitor field work to determine erosion rates, identify potential sources of erosion, and evaluate the impact on soil quality, waterways, and surrounding ecosystems.
  • Erosion Control Planning: Develop erosion control plans tailored to specific sites, considering factors such as vegetation, contouring, terracing, and other engineering solutions. Design erosion prevention strategies that minimize the impact on the environment.
  • Implementation: Oversee the implementation of erosion control measures, which may involve supervising construction crews, monitoring progress, and ensuring that strategies are executed effectively.
  • Reporting: Prepare detailed reports on erosion assessments, mitigation efforts, and outcomes. Present findings to relevant stakeholders, including management, government agencies, and community members.
  • Training and Outreach: Participate to Erosion workshops, participate of the training sessions, and public outreach programs to raise awareness about soil erosion, its consequences, and the importance of adopting erosion control practices.
  • Data Management: Maintain accurate records, databases, and digital mapping systems to track erosion trends, effectiveness of interventions, and changes in soil health over time.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Stay informed about local, regional, and national regulations related to soil conservation and erosion control. Ensure that all activities adhere to relevant environmental standards and guidelines.
  • The Soil Erosion Field Officer plays a critical role in assessing, managing, and mitigating soil erosion within a designated geographic area. The Soil Erosion field Officer should be fit to work as this position requires a large amount of physical activity, including walking, hiking, and potentially working in challenging terrain and difficult physical environment into account.
Required Qualifications / Experience
  • Relevant Tertiary qualification in Agricultural Science or Environmental Science, and O&G professional trainings
  • Experience on erosion field management related to construction or operation in O&G projects.
  • Undertaken training in IECA guidelines or equivalent erosion and sedimentation control training.
  • Good management skills
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Application closes on Tuesday, 19th September 2023.

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