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    About Airswift

    Airswift was founded 40 years ago, and has since expanded across 57 countries, with 50 offices around the world. Our job is to connect you with the top oil and gas countries in Iran and beyond. 

    We’re passionate about providing solutions, creating connections, and facilitating relationships for the long-term. With offices across the Middle East, we can ensure you find the oil and gas opportunity you’re looking for in Iran. 

    Here at Airswift, we have been connecting oil and gas professionals with top energy companies across the world for decades. If you’re looking for a job in Iran’s oil and gas industry, we can help you find the very best opportunities. 

    How we can help

    We specialise in the energy, process and infrastructure industry and take the time to get to know your needs and goals when looking for a job.

    As a candidate, you will work with various consultants and managers for the benefit of your job search and career. At the moment, landing one of the Iran oil and gas jobs might seem overwhelming, but we know how to simplify it for you. Do not worry about payroll or benefits, and know that you will be valued.

    You’ll be assigned an account manager to assist with your job search, from polishing your CV to connecting you with top oil and gas companies in Iran. If you’re relocating to Iran from another part of the world, we’ll offer relocation services to ensure you settle into your new surroundings as soon as possible. 

    Find out more about our relocation services: 

    Find out more about our relocation services

    Are you an employer looking for talent in Iran?

    If you are a company client, we can support your human resources department in a number of ways, for as long as you need. We do this without lengthening your “to do” list by handling the vetting and hiring. Leave the screenings and negotiations to us, and we will send you the most qualified candidates to interview for your oil and gas jobs in Iran. 

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    “We continue to work with Airswift because of their global relationship, competitive pricing, and ability to work with us on developing processes.”




    “They have met our requirements, they’ve performed well in hiring managers and I am very happy with the staff they have brought onboard.”




    “We initially began working with Airswift because of their relationship with Chevron. We continued because of good service.”



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