Workforce and HR Consulting Services

Grow your business by partnering with an expert in human resources management

A specialist HR consultancy to help you build a high performing business

Whether you are an SME, or a large global business, human resource management becomes ever more challenging. 

If you are starting up, scaling up or expanding internationally, a wide range of HR challenges can come your way.

These could range from new policy implementation to undergoing a restructure after an acquisition.

We can provide the support you need - from strategy development to full-scale HR outsourcing.

How can human resource consulting help your business?

Hiring outside HR experts can help you solve a multitude of problems, no matter how large your organisation is.

For small businesses or those with an overworked HR function, a labour and employment consultant can help resolve short-term challenges. For example:

  • Benchmarking of compensation and benefits
  • Implementing a new benefits package, employee handbook or workforce policy
  • Understand the skills and talent for upcoming projects or international expansion
  • Employment relations
  • Recruitment, selection and workforce planning for new projects
  • Employee engagement and performance management reviews
  • Skills assessments and training programmes
  • Leadership development and succession planning

For larger firms, it can be beneficial to bring in outside expertise that is not influenced by internal organisational politics. This can be essential for the following:

  • Change management, organisational development and business transformation
  • Navigating technological and disruptive change
  • Outplacement, cost reduction and restructuring
  • Human capital due diligence during mergers and acquisitions
  • Developing an employer branding strategy to attract and retain talent
  • Preparing for global expansion

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What are the benefits of outsourcing to a HR consulting firm?

  1. Bring in specialist advisers to quickly scale your business at lower costs than hiring to expand your HR department
  2. Minimize risks and liabilities relating to compliance, employment law and taxation
  3. Access a global workforce network and the expertise to attract and retain specialist talent
  4. Identify employee engagement levels and enhance your hiring value proposition

Workforce consultancy services provided by Airswift


Talent Mapping

Talent mapping provides real-time market intelligence on niche disciplines within a specific region or country. This knowledge helps HR professionals to reduce costs and timelines without impacting daily operations.


Compensation & Benefits Studies

Benchmarking raises awareness of market compensation trends and its impact on workforce management and performance. Airswift compiles a thorough benchmarking evaluation, including expense/allowance packages.


Global Employment and HR Outsourcing

Our global employment outsourcing experts help with labor laws, talent mobility and international tax implications. This can help you quickly expand to a country where you do not formally have a local entity. 


Market Intelligence

We help clients identify where they sit within their marketplace and how to enhance their employer brand or organisational design.


Audits and Operational Reviews

We will uncover risks and issues that could affect compliance and workforce performance management.


Payroll Outsourcing

Our payroll outsourcing solutions are designed for companies that have an entity in-country, but do not have local HR support. 


Managed Service Provision and Recruitment Process Outsourcing

If you have difficulty juggling multiple recruitment suppliers, you can outsource to a talent acquisition specialist. Our in-house sourcing teams can take responsibility for your temporary workforce and/or permanent recruitment process.


Outplacement and Career Transitions

Our Career Transition Consultancy team offer your employees support during the redundancy or lay-off process by providing them with a successful career transition into their next opportunity.

How can I be guaranteed of great service?

We are industry specialists

Our expertise has been formed through 40 years of workforce solutions for global technical and engineering companies.

If you are a specialist within the engineering and technology sectors then we know your business goals.

We have experienced and navigated the challenges of

  • Global expansion
  • Managing international HR, tax and payroll challenges
  • Finding niche and specialist talent
  • Restructuring and organizational transformation

We provide an objective ear that you can trust

Sometimes implementing change is difficult because you are so thoroughly absorbed in your business.

Hiring an independent outsider can provide an objective voice that is not prejudiced by existing working relationships and processes.

We truly understand global markets

At Airswift, people are at the heart of everything we do, and employee care is our specialty.  With over 60 offices globally and operations in 130 countries, we know people and their needs.

We specialize in handling the toughest immigration challenges, logistical hardships, and complex employment laws. It’s what we do. Let us share our experiences and support your growing needs where you need it most.

“The Airswift team has been instrumental at key stages in several of our projects.

The whole team offers both quantitative and qualitative support with a high level of service, even with tight deadlines.

Thank you Airswift!”

HR Manager, European Wind Farm Construction Company

“Airswift understood our goals and delivered more than expected ahead of schedule.

In short, the Airswift team has been great to work with all the way. From the first contact to after the project was finished.

We will not hesitate to use them again”

General Manager - Global Compensation & Benefits, Maersk Oil