Labor and Migration Law Consultancy

    With Airswift, clients can be sure that the administration of personnel is processed strictly in accordance with the labor and migration legislation of the Russian Federation.

    Our expertise includes the provision of labor of foreign citizens – highly qualified specialists from different countries. Airswift, as an employer, undertakes the organization of the following necessary actions:

    1. Letter of invitation to the Russian Federation (LOI) obtaining
    2. Medical examination
    3. Obtaining employment visa
    4. Voluntary health insurance (including medical evacuation and emergency assistance)
    5. Obtaining work permit
    6. Informing state bodies about the employment of highly qualified specialists
    7. Personnel logistics (tickets, transfers, hotels)


    We give new clients detailed information regarding the advantages and disadvantages of highly qualified specialist involvement. We also warn about possible risks or delays that may arise in relation to the client’s project due to the mobilization of expatriate employees.

    Airswift strictly complies with labor and migration legislation of the Russian Federation during highly qualified specialist’s employment period and performs all of the following mandatory activities:

    1. Registration for the highly qualified specialists
    2. Health maintenance
    3. Regular reporting
    4. Legality of stay control on the Russian Federation territory
    5. Renewal of permits 

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