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Angola Relocation Guide

Angola is located on the southwestern coast of Africa between Namibia and the Republic of Congo. After gaining independence from Portugal in 1975, ideological differences between independence groups led to a 27-year civil war. Angola has since been rebuilding its infrastructure, but has seen its economy stabilize. The Angolan economy is highly dependent on its oil sector, which accounts for over 40% of gross domestic product (GDP) and almost 90% of government revenues. Angola’s natural resources include petroleum, diamonds, iron ore, uranium, gold and copper.

The official language of the country is Portuguese, but many citisens speak English as well. Angolans are easy going, hospitable and very sociable. There are roughly 100 distinct ethnic groups in Angola, all with their own language and customs. Business in Angola is formal and courteous.

Football (soccer) is a national passion and played by people of every social class. In 2006, Angola was one of four sub-Saharan African countries that participated in the FIFA World Cup finals. Angola offers incredible sights and attractions, including the vast Iona National Park, the Namib Desert, the breathtaking Blue Bay Beach in Benguela and the towering Kalandula Falls in the Malanje province.

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