China Relocation Guide

Local Talent

China, officially the People’s Republic of China (PRC), is the world’s most populous country with approximately 1.3 billion people and has the world’s second largest economy. China has thousands of years of history and is home to one of the world’s earliest civilisations. Most of China’s history was under dynastic rule, beginning as far back as 2100 BCE.

China’s economy has seen some of the highest growth rates in the world since introducing economic reforms in 1978. The CCP has pursued a dual track reform program encouraging private sector growth while maintaining a strong presence in certain sectors such as industry, banking and energy.

China has made an impact on much of the world’s society and culture, being credited for inventions such as paper, gunpowder and silk, the development of religions, philosophy and literature, as well as contributions to cuisine, architecture and music. From the Great Wall of China to poetry and porcelain, China continues to be a major influence in Asia and around the world.

China offers visitors plenty of outdoor activities, a lush nightlife and fantastic shopping, as well as special attractions such as the famous Great Wall and the historic Forbidden City.