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The Kingdom of Denmark is a constitutional monarchy situated in Northern Europe and is the smallest of the Scandinavian nations. Denmark has a deep history spanning back decades and often shared with its Scandinavian counterparts, including a joint realm of Denmark, Sweden and Norway under the Kalmar Union from 1397 to 1523.

Danes are respected for their accomplishments in science, art, literature, and architecture. They value tolerance and diversity. Shake hands with everyone you meet: men, women, and children. Shake hands with women first and again with everyone when leaving. Danes typically do not like to be touched when conversing among one another.

Denmark is a cosmopolitan country. Jeans are always popular and will serve as a versatile base. Wear jeans with cool layers such as camisoles and a cardigan for the summer, or warmer ones such as a long-sleeved shirt and sweater in the winter. Shopping can be expensive, so plan ahead.

Denmark is one of the hottest design nations with a rich design history. From homeware to fashion, Denmark is an incredible place to pick up unique, cutting-edge products. Copenhagen is packed with shops of all shapes and sizes, with one-off boutiques, Danish department stores, and any of the biggest names in retail.

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