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The Netherlands is one of the most densely populated countries in the world with approximately 16 million people in the country. Rotterdam, The Hague and the capital city of Amsterdam are the three largest cities, with the latter being the largest. The Netherlands has a dynamic agricultural sector and is well known for plants and cut flowers.

The Netherlands shares borders with Belgium and Germany with the North Sea to the north and west. The country has a mild, maritime climate. Summers are generally warm, but excessively hot weather is rare. Winters can be fairly cold with the possibility of snow.

The Dutch are known to be frank, outspoken and sometimes dogmatic. They may appear to be reserved, but they are very friendly. If you do not wish to be bothered, they will respect your privacy. Dutch is the official language of the Netherlands, but English, German and French are widely spoken.

The Netherlands provides a wonderful array of culture and life, from the incredible and extensive canals and waterways of Amsterdam, to the massive and picturesque fields of flowers at the Keukenhof Gardens. The country also provides numerous shopping options, outdoor activities, night life and must-visit restaurants.

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