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    Hire a Professional Employment Organization (PEO) to manage your workforce expansion

    As a company begins to scale its business operations, workforce expansion is inevitable. It is common for companies to find themselves in a position where they are unable to manage the hiring process due to a lack of infrastructure.

    Companies need to ensure that they have the expertise to cope with the requirements of a workforce expansion such as payroll and HR management. 

    This is where engaging with a global Professional Employment Organization (PEO) can benefit the company.

    What is a global PEO?

    A global PEO acts as a ‘co-employer’ with the hired company. What the PEO does is share the responsibilities of the employee with the company. These responsibilities often include tasks such as: 


    A global PEO is able to offer efficient recruitment services due to its expertise in a respective industry and familiarity with local talent searches. The PEO will extract appropriate candidates in accordance with company needs.


    Acclimating new hires to the company is a responsibility that takes time and resources. A global PEO has existing resources to assist in the onboarding process while the company can maintain operations. 

    Payroll Processing

    Payroll processing is a meticulous task that takes up a lot of time and demands zero errors. Using a global PEO service will significantly reduce these risks thanks to expertise in the area and knowledge of local payroll laws.

    Risk Management

    Companies unfamiliar with laws and regulations may incur penalties and fines when doing business in new areas. A global PEO mitigates risks by ensuring compliance requirements are met. 

    Employee Benefit Plans

    Using a global PEO allows the company to procure better employee benefits packages. By servicing multiple companies at once, a global PEO can offer small businesses benefits packages typically seen in larger organizations. 

    Workers’ Compensation Insurance

    A PEO, assuming the co-employer role, provides workers with compensation coverage and manages the claims process.

    Paid Time Off & Leave Accrual

    Managing employee leaves and documentation is a tedious task that must be handled sensitively. A PEO offers the service of relieving the company of that burden and managing it within company policy.

    Human Resource Management

    A PEO provides the internal HR team with assistance by managing liabilities. These encapsulate the above mentioned responsibilities along with more tasks such as employment verification, termination assistance, management training and more.

    In essence, a global PEO functions as a full-service HR for the company. 

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    What are the benefits of using global PEO services?

    Speed up your market penetration

    A primary challenge a company faces when it expands into a new location is the cost of time. It takes a significant amount of time to establish a presence in a new location and acclimate to the local culture before beginning the hiring process. 

    A global PEO already has an entity in the desired location. With this, the global PEO carries expertise on local trends and cultures that allow them to recruit high-quality candidates.

    These advantages help accelerate the speed with which a company can enter the market. By entrusting HR administrative duties to a global PEO, resources are freed up in the company to focus on their growth and expansion strategies. 

    Ensure compliance and minimize risk

    A global PEO’s expertise also extends to local compliance on matters regarding hiring policies, employee management and payroll. Labor and tax laws vary with each country and companies may not always meet these regulations during tax filing, employment verification and many more. 

    The meticulous task of payroll processing must comply with local payroll tax laws and with a global PEO, the error risks are significantly lower. Using global PEO services for compliance-related tasks helps reduce liabilities and mitigate risk. 

    Cost effective

    Using a global PEO is a cost-saving exercise as it does not require the company to move its operations to the new location. A global PEO is able to operate much more efficiently by utilizing an existing infrastructure. This in turn, incurs lesser cost for the company as compared to hiring and training a new HR team. 

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    Why choose Airswift as your global PEO?


    At Airswift, we understand people and we are committed to supporting businesses and employees in their growth. We inject this passion into all our services. 

    Our solutions are built on decades of experience and are made flexible to suit your needs.

    As an international business, we are present in more than 60 countries worldwide in Africa, North America, the Middle East, Latin America, Europe, Commonwealth of Independant States (CIS) and Asia Pacific. Not only do we operate in these countries, we live there too!

    With such a wide wingspan, we have the resources and forte to help you navigate your workforce expansion swiftly and efficiently. 

    We imbue everything we do with a personal touch approach at Airswift that helps create a healthy and strong business partnership. 

    Be at ease, knowing that your business is in safe hands as Airswift has security protocols and encryption softwares in place to protect your data. 

    As your global PEO, Airswift can help you:

    1. Increase your speed to market
    2. Improve HR productivity and effectiveness
    3. Maintain compliance and reduce risk
    4. Ensure accurate and organized payroll
    5. Remain cost effective

    Speak to us today and let Airswift’s global PEO solutions support your global workforce expansion. 

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