Mass Hire Services in Russia and CIS

Airswift CIS

    Mass Hire Campaigns

    The project team executes mass hire recruitment campaigns of diverse complexity in the Russian Federation, CIS countries and outside of CIS countries for the following types of personnel: blue collar, engineering, design, construction and administrative. We recruit a significant number of specialists on a tight deadline.

    Recruitment is carried out by a team of professional recruitment consultants using remote search methodology and roadshow campaigns.

    The team includes specialists in recruitment, logistics, administration, events and marketing, who execute marketing campaigns via mass mail and social networks.

    The methodology of mass hiring consists of the following:

    • Technical/performance testing inclusive of preparation of the tests
    • Competencies and skills testing (where applicable and necessary)
    • Safety knowledge and safety experience testing
    • Carrying out all tests and further analysis of the results
    • Conducting preliminary and follow-up interviews

    Under certain conditions, Airswift offers clients a long-term replacement period (6-12 months). Additionally, a reserve database is built containing CVs of candidates within certain disciplines who participated in mass hire campaigns.

    Airswift has a unique database built specifically for mass recruitment needs, which amounts to tens of thousands of questionnaires and CVs.

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