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Brad Dowden

Chief Information Officer

Meet the Team

Brad is an internationally experienced IT leader, who has built his career by effecting change and transforming businesses through the effective use of technology and information management. His experience has been gained across a multitude of industries over a period of 18 years from Global Fortune 500 firms to Internet start-ups in various markets including recruitment, banking, insurance, transport and local government. He has a passion for providing transparency, efficiency and improving experiences.

What makes Airswift different?

I believe it is our passion for the work we do and how we conduct ourselves in a transparent manner.  This helps us have much closer partnerships and relationships with our customers and contingent workforce, which ultimately creates win-win opportunities for the people we work with.

Why are you passionate about what you do?

Technology and systems are transformational in terms of the impact they have on businesses.  I am passionate about driving customer experiences (both internal and external).  Technology and information utilised correctly drives far richer experiences for our customers and ultimately frees up time to interact and solve challenges on a more personal level.

Which Airswift value(s) do you think are particularly important and why?

Transparency and passionate are the most important values.  We all prefer transparency in our dealings, which helps build trust.  Having these values is the foundation to achieving positive outcomes and will set our business, our clients and our workforce up for long-term success. Being passionate fuels the energy that is required to achieve the outcomes we set.