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Calum Smith

Vice President – Australasia & APAC

Meet the Team

Calum has been with the company since 2008 and has worked for Airswift in Europe, the United States, Australia and the South Pacific. Calum has held a variety of positions within the business including Strategic Business Development, Country Management and Senior Leadership. He is currently responsible for the Australasian and Asia Pacific business units, which comprise 14 offices across 11 countries.

What makes Airswift different?

Airswift is committed to the local environments and communities where we operate. We are respectful and inclusive of all the different cultures within the 50+ countries where we deliver services. Through this commitment, we ensure local talent gets fair access to opportunity and development, not only within our client organisations, but also our own business and internal workforce.

Why are you passionate about what you do?

Through our business model, Airswift is in a unique position to not only positively impact people’s lives through their careers, but also that of the communities in which they and their families live. I have been privileged enough to witness first-hand the ripple effect through communities deriving from an individual (or group of individuals) securing a new role and the development of communities and local economies that comes with that of which Airswift plays a key part.

Which Airswift value(s) do you think are particularly important and why?

Integrity – Airswift works all over the world in many different environments. The value of integrity represents the importance that our organisation places on operating in a compliant and ethical manner. The industry and environments in which we operate can at times be high pressure and our stakeholders recognise and trust that Airswift will act with integrity at all times on their behalf.