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Larisa Katunina

Managing Director – CIS

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Larisa is the Managing Director for CIS. She has opened and successfully developed more than 5 hubs for Airswift and is currently responsible for 4 regional offices and 7 remote hubs.

Larisa joined Airswift in 2001 as Recruitment Consultant in Kazakhstan. She was one of the best recruiters in the Company for two years and was promoted to Deputy Director of Aksai office on the base of outstanding financial results. She was fully involved into development of two Regional Offices (Atyrau and Aksai).

Larisa opened the first Russian office in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in 2004. The Airswift team have supported Sakhalin 1 since 2004 up to 2014, more than 700 specialists were provided to the Operating Company and Major Contracting Companies during active phases of the project. In addition, Airswift Sakhalin was heavily involved in supporting Sakhalin 2 project, both Operating Company and its Major Contracting Companies.
Larisa opened and successfully developed the office in Khabarovsk, which was a supporting hub for Sakhalin Operations since 2008 up to 2014.

Larisa opened the Moscow office in 2009. The office has grown significantly and is involved in providing manpower solutions to the projects operated by Major Russian and International O&G Companies.

Larisa has grown a dedicated team of O&G Staffing professionals who have sufficient experience and competence to support the most changeling and unique projects. The team is considered to be the best Sales & Recruitment team in the region by colleagues, peers and Clients.

Larisa took over Kazakhstan Operations in 2016 to further develop Airswift’s offices in Atyrau and Aktau.

At the moment Larisa is successfully running Kazakhstan and Russia, and the operations in the region are represented through a Kazakh and Russian Companies, Airswift’s Branches, and Moscow has registered departments in: Salekhard, Astrakhan, Novorossiysk, Surgut, Samara, Naryan Mar, Murmansk.