5910 SFO Measurement Consultant

Atyrau, Kazakhstan

Job Reference 1242521

Location Atyrau, Kazakhstan

Industry Oil & Gas - Onshore Oil

Function Control & Instrumentation

Job Type Contract

Date Added April 30, 2024

Dear All!
Airswift (Air Energi Caspian LLP) is currently looking for a SFO Measurement Consultant (for KZ passport holders) for one of our large project in Tengiz, 28\28. We are looking for candidates with the drive and commitment to make a genuine difference to our performance to ensure that the company continues to differentiate itself from competitors by delivering quality service to our client’s requirements.

Job Description: 
Job duties of Sales Product Measurement Consultant 
•    Expert in flow measurement and metering of all types of product. Provides consultations and recommendations on selection of measurement system for oil, gas, LPG and sulfur and processes. 
•    Expert in measurement of oil products quality. Provides consultations, recommendations on improvement of analysis for oil, gas and other oil products. 
•    Company Representative in the sphere of measurements during partner audit. 
•    Leads the efforts on closing gaps found during audits of Company product measurement equipment and custody transfer systems, including development of specifications for projects to meet Company and ROK regulatory requirements. 
•    Works with project groups to ensure compliance with the requirements of SFO, ROK regulatory documents at engineering stage. 
•    Represents Company at meetings with government agencies and oil and gas measurement events, and for all types of measurements associated with the state regulatory control (emissions, flaring, etc.) as related to provision with measurement devices. 
•    Conducts audits with further evaluation on proper use of measurement devices, proper calibration and verification of instruments involved in process measurements, evaluate Company Base Operation actions in terms of SFO measurement process. 
•    Defines key opportunities for Company on improving efficiency of flow measurement and product accounting.     
•    Controls compliance and fulfillment of standards for all types of sales product in accordance with the existing safety guidelines, instructions and requirements. 
•    Develops a shared plan for all groups containing information on physical location of instrumentation devices, calculations, audits, staffing issues, calibration procedures, witnessing procedures, training and maintenance, use of measurement devices that eliminate mechanical errors/human factor. 
•    Organizes and controls verification of measurement devices involved in accounting of sales product for compliance with the established accuracy standards. 
•    Submits the results of product measured quantity and quality to the upper management. 
•    Supports the Energy Efficiency Program in pursuance of the new energy law and state energy register in terms of equipping with measurement devices. 
•    Supports HSE group in part of hazardous emissions and GHG emissions. 

Sales product accounting:
•    Leads the process of measurement and metering of oil and oil products exported by Company. Participates in resolving disputes on compliance with product metering requirements.
•    Prevents losses due to inaccurate measurement of product and shares best practices and lessons learned, planned maintenance, calibrations, loss control and proposed changes to new or existing equipment or processes. 
•    Analyzes sales product flow and real-time accounting. 
•    Reviews monthly transportation loss/gain data with transporters, which include CPC-K, and Company Marketing and Transportation. 
•    If excessive loss/gain is found, liaises with Metrology to recheck or reverify the measurement data. 
•    Ensures proper management, retention, witnessing and handover of passports, fiscal reports, measurement acts and other documents listed in the Company Measurement Manual. 
•    Develops the product measurement methodology as required and organizes its certification in the government agencies. 
•    Ensures a process is developed for approving, recording and communicating changes to existing or addition of new equipment and systems to ensure their reliability and compliance with this measurement manual. 
•    Provides description of product measurement methods to the controlling entities. 
•    Performs calculation for orifices, flow ranges. 
•    Analyzes data for flows from different streams, draws diagrams and tables. 
•    Uses diagrams and trends to demonstrate and control accuracy of sales product measurement readings. 
•    Prepares presentations based on findings and recommendations. 

Surface Facilities Optimization efforts
•    Leads the SFO Measurement program for Company. Identifies key opportunities for Company to improve efficiency of measurements of all product streams. 
•    Leads the efforts on implementing the custody transfer of sales product per Company Measurement Manual. 
•    Controls the effectiveness of measurements of sales products (stabilized crude, LPG, sales gas, sulphur). 
•    Develops concepts of sales product measurement optimization and puts them into practice.
•    Develops and updates the existing operating instructions to improve the company’s sales product metering methods and accuracy of measurements. 
•    Ensures that new equipment is added to product metering system as part of the future growth project. 
•    Maintains metrics of SFO Measurement Program. 
•    Conducts project expertise and develops proposals to improve and optimize the measurement methods, selects measurement devices. 
•    Participates in MOC process as initiator, owner and functional reviewer. 

Job Specification and requirements: 
Higher technical education in Instrumentation or Metrology
Work experience in the field of equipment, metrology and automation in total at least 10 years in the oil and gas industry and at least 5 years of work experience in Company
English Level 3 on the Company scale, Kazakh is welcome
Confident user of applications Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, advanced user of Excel ( analytical functions, etc.)

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