Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our journey and destination

Diversity, equity & inclusion is not a project. It's an element of our culture and it's everyone's shared responsibility

At Airswift, we believe in diversity. We recognize there is value in our uniqueness, perspectives and experiences. We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive workplace not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because it is integral to building a better company. 

Diversity, equity and inclusion are not things that just happen. These require action, consistency and thoughtfulness. At Airswift, we are intentional about creating a workplace where our employees feel seen, heard and understood. We must move beyond merely accepting differences to respecting, understanding and appreciating the varying characteristics of those around us.   

Working together in an inclusive environment enables us to harness the complementary skills, knowledge, background and network of our people. The more we collaborate to leverage our differences, the closer we get to unlocking our collective potential. In so doing, we help ensure a sustainable and successful future for Airswift.  

Our message to our employees and candidates is clear: Your uniqueness is welcome in our workspaces and around our conference tables. You are valued because of your differences, not tolerated despite them. You can be you at Airswift.   

Diversity, equity and inclusion is not a project. It’s an element of our culture and it’s everyone’s shared responsibility.  It’s our journey and destination. 

How does Airswift ensure diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace?

Airswift is committed to building a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace. Attracting top talent and creating a safe environment shape our culture and reflect what our company values.  As part of our commitment, Airswift signed the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge. 

ceo_action_rgbAirswift pledges to; 

  • Make our workplaces trusting places to have complex, and sometimes difficult, conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion 
  • Implement and expand unconscious bias education 
  • Share best—and unsuccessful—practices  
  • Create and share strategic inclusion, equity and diversity plans with our board of directors  

Every day, we empower and educate our company leaders to embrace, foster, and create an inclusive workplace for all. 

The CEO Action Pledge for DE&I is spearheaded by the following appointed team members:  

Does Airswift have an active diversity, equity and inclusiveness program?

Airswift embraces diversity, equity and inclusion and strives to incorporate it into the overall company culture. As such, our DE&I Program initiatives and developments include: 

  • Learning Management System (LMS), which provides training across the entire workforce and allows skillset accelerationTraining courses include, but are not limited to:
    • What is unconscious bias? 
      • Challenge Assumptions 
      • Enhance Objectivity 
      • Overcome Stereotypes 
      • Broaden Perspectives 
  • Airswift People NewsDiversity in leadership roles such as Board of Directors and Senior Vice President management levels 
  • Diversity council or committee composed of employees from all levels 
  • Coaching / mentoring programs 
  • Employer-sponsored diversity and inclusion awareness events  

As part of our commitment to DE&I, each month our internal company newsletter “People News” highlights new starters, new appointments, anniversaries, birthdays, career development initiatives, and celebrates the achievements that take place throughout our global offices.  

Airswift sees diversity as a global necessity and are committed to continuing to pursue further developments within the program.  

How will Airswift ensure inclusive recruiting practices?

Airswift understands the importance of diversity in recruiting and retention. While our recruitment practices focus on identifying the valuable skills to perform the job, we also make diversity a priority. We know that aiming to engage a diverse workforce will put Airswift at a competitive advantage, as there is greater productivity and engagement.  To ensure we are sourcing from a diverse talent pool, the following initiatives are set in place: 

  • Source from local colleges and universities 
  • Encourage our existing workforce to submit employee referrals 
  • Continuously train our hiring managers on DE&I awareness  
  • During candidate interviews, Airswift shares its DE&I goals and accomplishments, such as competitive maternity leave policy, employee training & development, flexible working conditions, employee resources, etc.  

What is Airswift doing that is unique to improve diversity, equity & inclusion?

Airswift strives to create innovative programs that improve and shape a more inclusive culture throughout the organization. In 2020, Airswift created the Global Leadership Team (GLT) designed to develop and maximize our senior leadership to achieve our strategic priorities and global cohesion. The GLT is comprised of employees from all over the world who bring their leadership expertise and cultural awareness to the company. Through this program, the selected leaders will have the opportunity to discuss DE&I issues with the Executive Management Team and Board Members.