UK Gender Pay Gap Report 2024

      We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive workplace because it's the right thing to do and because it is integral to building a better company

      At Airswift, our commitment to creating a fair, inclusive, and diverse workplace is at the core of our business values. 

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      This commitment extends to our dedication to transparency and accountability in reporting our gender pay gap in accordance with UK regulations.

      This year is our first publication of our UK gender pay gap. Our reported figures reflect a gender pay gap that we acknowledge is larger than we, and indeed our industry, would like it to be.

      • The figures are influenced significantly by our current workforce solutions practices, which focus on STEM end markets where there is a well-documented underrepresentation of women.
      • A considerable portion of our workforce, especially in the upper quartile, is comprised of employees outsourced to our clients.

      These roles are in industries that have traditionally been male-dominated and play a significant role in influencing our gender pay gap reporting figures.

      However, it's crucial to underscore that these figures do not signify inherent pay inequality within Airswift for equivalent roles

      Our commitment to gender equality remains steadfast across all facets of our operations.

      We are actively working to address these challenges and foster an inclusive environment where all individuals have equal opportunities for advancement and fair compensation.

      In response to our findings, we are taking proactive steps to address and reduce our gender pay gap

      These steps include:Gender Gap Steps

      The gender pay gap explained

      In 2017, the UK government introduced regulations requiring UK employers with a headcount of 250 or more employees to report their gender pay gap on the snapshot date.

      Our annual gender pay gap report is on our company website and is also accessible on the government website:

      This is our annual gender pay gap report for the snapshot date of 5 April 2023.

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      The infographic above shows our workforce divided into four equal-sized groups based on hourly pay rate.

      • Band A includes the lowest-paid 25% of employees (the lower quartile), and band D covers the highest-paid 25% (the upper quartile).
      • If we had no gender pay gap, each band would have an equal ratio of men to women.
      • However, 56.9% of the employees in band A are women and 43.1% are men.
      • The percentage of male employees increases throughout the remaining bands, from 67.2% in band B to 90.6% in band D.

      Our mean and median gender bonus gaps are 65% and 18.5%, respectively.

      • The mean bonus gap is calculated by dividing the total bonus payment to men by the total number of men, doing the same for women, and then comparing the two averages.
      • As we operate in the recruitment industry, where commissions are common, the mean gender bonus gap can be heavily influenced by a small number of large bonuses.
      • Conversely, the median represents the middle point of bonus payments and is less affected by the highest and lowest numbers. This difference is why we see such a variance between our mean and median bonus gap figures.

      A higher percentage of our female employees (70%) received a bonus in the 12 months up to 5 April 2023 compared to their male counterparts (46%)

      This not only reflects our dedication to gender equality but also signifies the valuable contributions of our women employees across all levels of the company.

      What we are doing to address our gender pay gap

      We are committed to doing everything we can to reduce the gap. We empower and educate our company leaders to embrace, foster, and create an inclusive workplace.

      So far, we have taken the following steps to promote gender diversity:


      Reviewing our workforce solutions strategy

      We are working together with our clients to exchange best practices and find chances for creative and practical ways to create an inclusive workplace.

      We are assessing the impact of our workforce solutions practices on our gender pay gap and exploring ways to mitigate this through more balanced gender representation in all roles.

      This includes analysing the distribution of outsourced roles across genders and exploring ways to achieve more balanced representation.

      We are committed to fostering partnerships with clients prioritising diversity and inclusion and collaborating closely with them to address systemic gaps within the industry.


      Enhancing recruitment practices

      We recognise the importance of building a diverse talent pipeline to address gender imbalances within our workforce.

      To achieve this, we are implementing targeted recruitment training aimed at our own hiring managers and client-facing employees so that they are better equipped to collaborate with clients and attract a more diverse pool of candidates, particularly in roles where women are historically underrepresented.

      Our Senior Leadership Team regularly attend local UK schools to raise young people's awareness of the different career opportunities available within STEM sectors where we have more clients in, and to help dispel any myths and stereotypes.


      Investing in development our workforce

      Actively working to increase the representation of women in higher-tier positions and sectors of our business where bonuses are more substantial by investing in professional development programs, particularly for roles traditionally underrepresented by women, to ensure all employees have the potential to earn bonuses.

      Upskilling our future leaders through initiatives such as the Global Leadership Team designed to develop our senior leadership, as well as our Coaching programme and Emerging Leader Programme. The application process for these programmes is designed to promote gender diversity and ensure equal access to opportunities for all candidates.


      Fostering equality and inclusion

      Our commitment to equality and inclusion extends beyond recruitment to encompass all aspects of the employee experience.

      We are reviewing all our policies and practices to ensure they promote work-life balance, accommodate diverse needs, and provide equal opportunities for career advancement regardless of gender.

      Developing our DEI committee to allow volunteers across the organisation to contribute, share ideas and help us in promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

      What will be our focus for next year

      Over the next year, we will focus on:


      Improving our company policies and procedures

      We will be reviewing our policies and procedures which can impact women throughout their careers. This includes the topics of menopause, fertility journey or parental bereavement leave to support employees throughout their careers with us.

      We will be supporting parents by developing new guides and delivering training for managers on supporting employees before, during and after maternity or other parental leave.


      Building on our Wellbeing Strategy

      Introducing Wellbeing Champions who will act as ambassadors to all-round wellbeing - from encouraging participation in existing global initiatives to suggesting ideas for events and initiatives to hold locally, such as organising a team fitness class, a cancer screening awareness drive, or a walking challenge.

      The aim is to address health and work issues that can impact our diverse workforce by providing them with tools and guidance to help them improve their mental wellbeing.


      Ongoing monitoring and reporting

      We are dedicated to regularly monitoring our gender pay gap, with clear, actionable insights to drive continuous improvement.

      We understand that these efforts represent the beginning of a sustained journey towards not just reducing the gender pay gap but fundamentally enhancing gender equality within our workforce and our broader community.

      As we position ourselves as a global leader in workforce solutions, we hope to leverage this position to produce a more significant and lasting effect for our clients and candidates.

      We welcome feedback, suggestions, and partnerships from our stakeholders as we embark on this path towards a more equitable future.

      By themselves, none of these initiatives will remove the gender pay gap - and it may be several years before some have any impact at all.

      In the meantime, every year, we will tell you what we're doing to reduce the gender pay gap and the progress that we're making.

      We acknowledge that achieving full gender parity is a continuous journey

      Our commitment to this cause is unwavering, and we are dedicated to implementing innovative solutions, learning from our actions, and fostering a workplace where everyone, regardless of gender, has equal opportunities to succeed.

      As President, I James Allen, confirm that the information in this statement is accurate.      James-1