Proud of our history, passionate about our future.

After several decades of sometimes competing and other times collaborating, Air Energi and Swift Worldwide Resources officially merged on the 20th of January 2016 to become Airswift, a global leader in the provision of workforce solutions to the energy, process and infrastructure industries.

In 2021 Airswift merged with another former competitor, Competentia, to better support the mining and technology sectors.


1979 Air Energi

Marchfield Engineering Ltd forms as a small CAD company

1981 Swift

Swift Technical Services founded by Pat Swift, a Commissioning Manager with BP, in London, UK

1987 Air Energi

Ian Langley, CEO, creates technical recruitment arm

1987 Swift

Swift successfully commissioned the fifth platform of the BP Forties field, which helped established a reputation for getting the best commissioning help available

1996 Swift

Awarded service contractors in Kazakhstan by Tengizchevroil (TCO) and Karachaganak Petroleum operating (KPO), a BG Group-led joint venture company

1997 Air Energi

Management buyout by Ian Langley, Gary Taylor and Linda Brookshaw

1998 Competentia

Competentia founded in Stavanger

2001 Swift

Awarded a service contract with the BP-led joint venture company Azerbaijan International Operating Company (AIOC) to develop oil from the Azeri-Chirag-Guneshli (ACG) fields with the construction of four new offshore production platforms and one compression and water platform

2001 Air Energi

A long-term partnership begins as Air Energi wins its first MSP contract with ConocoPhillips

2001 Swift

Swift began operations in the U.S. to work alongside Houston-based client project management teams and central procurement groups

2003 Air Energi

Air Energi’s success with global operators continues as the company wins a global agreement with ExxonMobil

2003 Air Energi and Swift

Air-Swift Alliance formed to support ExxonMobil

2005 Swift

Awarded evergreen International Master Agreement for global supply to Chevron

2006 Swift

Gresham Private Equity acquired Swift through an MBO. Gresham’s capital investment enabled Swift to continue its impressive business growth with expansion of the hub centres in Houston and London, as well as into new global markets in Angola, Australia, Brazil, Singapore, South Korea, and Canada.

2007 Air Energi

Bought out alliance partner in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia to give Air Energi a true foothold in the Asia Pacific region

2007 Swift

Awarded Global supplier status with ConocoPhillips

2007 Swift

Swift embarks on a global geographic footprint expansion project and opens up offices in Brazil, Australia, Korea, Singapore, China, Canada and Angola

2009 Air Energi

Zeus Private Equity management buyout allows Air Energi to continue the development of its global footprint and pursue an acquisition programme

2009 Swift

Awarded Global Agreement with BP for supply to projects and business units worldwide

2010 Air Energi

Purchase of Pacifica HR PNG strengthens the company’s presence in the vital region of Papua New Guinea

2011 Air Energi

Air Energi continues its success in securing partnerships with major operators with the award of a Shell EFA

2011 Swift

Recognised by BP and the US Authorities in its role to assist with supporting the Oil Spill response effort following the Macondo incident. Swift helped mobilise and deploy workers to support the response effort

2012 Air Energi

Private equity fund LGV Capital performs a second management buyout to give Air Energi a solid platform for future growth

2013 Swift

Swift was acquired by Wellspring Capital Management, a New York-based company. Their investment provided accelerated growth, additional offices, and a promising future

2013 Air Energi

Awarded Good Corporate Citizen accolade in Papua New Guinea, in recognition of the company’s commitment to employing and training Papua New Guineans

2013 Swift

Secured a Global Framework agreement with Total

2013 Swift

Swift successfully completes the commissioning scope contract of the Chirag Oil Platform in Azerbaijan for BP, this was accomplished utilising the highest levels of Azerbaijani national personnel on any major capital project ever executed in country

2014 Air Energi

Acquired leading supplier of employment, training, accommodation and procurement services, Kitco, in South Korea

2016 Airswift

Air Energi and Swift Worldwide Resources merge to become Airswift.

2016 Ducatus

Ducatus Partners launched to provide executive search and leadership consulting services to our customers

2017 Airswift

Delivery centres opened in Brazil and Malaysia to focus on 24/7 global client recruitment support for large-scale and expat hiring

2017 Airswift

Implemented the service structure, which provides a simple, scalable, and consistent delivery model to our customers globally.

2018 Airswift

Janette Marx appointed as CEO and Ian Langley appointed as Chairman

2020 Competentia

Competentia acquires Dare, the specialist recruiting company based in Australia and Singapore.

2021 Airswift

Airswift and Competentia merge to form one of the world’s largest technical workforce solutions providers.