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Brunei is rich in oil and gas, which has historically been the driving force of its economy and meets 100% of its own energy demand. In addition, the government in Brunei has plans to increase the deployment of renewable energy up to 10% in 2035.

This expected surge in renewable energy generation opens up the potential for energy companies to develop more projects within the country. This means they’ll need to recruit top talent from around the world.

We can provide local and international support across Brunei. We have built long-standing relationships with some of the biggest energy, construction and manufacturing companies in the world, building a reputation of excellence, innovation and transparency.

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Global coverage

Airswift’s global offices present a key advantage to our clients. With over 60 strategic global offices we are equipped to deliver workforce solutions for projects all over the world.

Core services

Airswift provides a range of services in Brunei, focusing on sourcing key talent both locally and internationally, managing individual and mass employee relocation programs, as well as supporting logistics, destination services, safety and compliance.

Our core services include the following:

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Sectors we support in Brunei

Airswift continues to build our service experience delivering tailored workforce solutions to various projects and clients within the following industries:

Talent acquisition: recruitment, staffing and labour supply

Airswift Talent Acquisition Workforce Solutions

We have experienced recruitment teams with strong capabilities in senior/executive, technical engineering and "hard-to-fill" positions. We also have a global database of key profiles within the oil and gas, rail, infrastructure, process and mining sectors.

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Global employment and mobility services

Airswift Global Employment & Mobility Workforce Solutions

Airswift is trusted to compliantly mobilise, employ and support personnel in Brunei from all over the world. From relocation to immigration, Employer of Record services and outsourced HR, we help businesses grow in new territories.

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Managed services and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)

Airswift Managed Solutions

Our in-house sourcing solutions provide an embedded program delivery team near or on-site with recruiters who are fully engaged in our clients’ culture. Our recruiters are immersed in client recruiting processes, which means we can reduce cost and time-per-hire without impacting quality.

Consulting services

Airswift Workforce & HR Consulting Services

We provide a unique talent mapping service, which includes market rate evaluations and real-time data. This allows for improved workforce planning, sourcing and risk management through better decision-making.

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Jobs in Brunei

Our contract and direct hire recruiters help top talent at every stage of their job search.

Whether you’re searching for full time or temporary work, Airswift can help you find the right role for your career goals and skill set.

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