Asbjørn Lønning

Corporate Development Director


    Asbjørn Lønning

    Corporate Development Director

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    Prior to the merger between Airswift and Competentia, Asbjørn Lønning was the CFO of Competentia, where he served on the board of directors for three years prior to his CFO appointment.

    Now that the organisation is combined, Asbjørn works closely with the global leadership team to facilitate and execute a successful integration.

    In January 2022 he was selected as the Interim CFO of Airswift. Asbjørn has experience in private equity and transaction advisory, having spent the early years of his career in KPMG before joining the Norwegian Private Equity company, Reiten & Co.

    In August 2022, Asbjørn was appointed as  Corporate Development Director. He plays a strategic and active role in the growth of the company. Asbjørn is responsible for mergers and acquisitions and maintaining investor relations.

    He holds a master’s degree in finance from the Norwegian School of Economics.

    What makes Airswift different?

    Airswift is a company that truly puts people at the centre of everything we do. This has fostered a culture of multinational collaboration and one company mentality, which is unique. Post-merger, I immediately felt welcomed by the entire team. Everyone wanted to help to ensure we were successfully onboarded.

    Why are you passionate about what you do?

    I enjoy working with the best in the industry, and always learning and developing my knowledge base and skillsets. Airswift offers that since it is an international business operating in every major region of the world with world-class employees.

    Which Airswift value(s) do you think are particularly important and why?

    They are all essential and are embedded into our operations and deliveries. As the CFO, compliance is at the top of my priorities, so safety, excellence and integrity are essential building blocks for driving compliance in an organisation. Growth is a value that speaks to what I’m passionate about – growing and developing my knowledge and skills.