Rachel Kelly

Senior Vice President - Transformation

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Rachel Kelly

Senior Vice President - Transformation

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Rachel joined Airswift in 2010 focusing on major client accounts in the US business. She quickly moved into the role of Commercial Director for the United States overseeing all operational functions and servicing established client accounts.

She spent 2016 in Singapore serving as the Commercial Director for the Asia Pacific and Australasia regions. Rachel believes in a solutions-oriented approach to driving increased productivity and efficiencies on all projects in the Airswift portfolio. She was responsible for leading integration efforts in the Airswift merger between Air Energi and Swift Worldwide Resources. Rachel graduated with a BA from Texas A&M University. She is a green belt six sigma and is PMP certified.

What makes Airswift different?

Many companies have great people, but I really think it is our belief in each other that differentiates Airswift from our competitors. We share much more than a set of common values.

Everyone is supportive of each other and willing to pitch in, regardless of the situation. When you walk through the door of any our offices, you immediately notice an effervescent atmosphere and a vibrant culture. We make sure that we only deliver our best, and I credit that to our team’s organisation and collaboration.

Why are you passionate about what you do?

I am passionate about making a difference and love the platform that Airswift has provided. In every aspect of our lives we are presented with opportunities to step outside of our comfort zone and improve the world around us. At Airswift, I get to work with a group of people across our organisation with one focus: improvement. Every day I get to explore various approaches to improve the way we do things and I truly love finding innovative solutions.

Which Airswift value(s) do you think are particularly important and why?

Achieving excellence is seldom easy. But the rewards are always worth it. We know excellence when we see it, and we know excellence when we experience it. Any sports fan can quickly distinguish between good and great. Sometimes in business it’s a little harder to make those distinctions.

For me personally, excellence has a multitude of meanings. It’s the character of being truly the best. It’s achieved through tenacity and a relentless pursuit of being better tomorrow than we were yesterday. I’ve always felt like this is an inherent trait of Airswift.

We have ambitious plans for the future of this organization. To achieve our goals we need to continue to attract talent into the company. Talented people, who by their very nature are driven to achieve above and beyond the normal. To do better than average. To not settle for mediocrity. People who won’t rest until excellence is achieved.

I believe excellence is ingrained in the moral fiber of our company. The right people will do everything within their power to build an excellent company because they simply cannot imagine settling for anything less.