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    When you’re in the energy, infrastructure and process industries, jobs in Baku can be wonderful for your career. If you have a vacancy Baku bosses need filled, you’ll likely have a pick of numerous and highly qualified individuals. Let Airswift simplify your job search or job filling process with our world class staffing and recruiting services.

    The jobs Baku companies offer mean not only a paycheck, but living in a vibrant and beautiful city. Airswift is proud to help contractors work in the cities they love, and when you fill the vacancy Baku energy leaders advertise, a world of opportunities opens up. Likewise, providing the jobs Baku citizens rely upon can bring you some of the most promising professionals in the business.


    Energy jobs in Baku require nothing less than the guidance of those fully familiar with the industry. Airswift has spent decades staffing and recruiting in the sector, now occupying over 50 global offices. We maintain an unmatched contractor database, and those contractors are working in 57 different countries. When there is an energy vacancy, Baku individuals and companies alike can rely on Airswift for the finest in workforce resources.

    If you’re looking for jobs in Baku, and like the thought of work in Azerbaijan, Airswift will connect you with an account manager who helps redesign your resume to attract the eyes of bosses there. Your account manager touches base every two weeks to talk about the job search. Once you’ve filled a vacancy Baku is offering, we’ll seek out a new one for when it’s finished. Don’t worry about travel and housing arrangements if you need to relocate — Airswift takes care of all the logistics, as well as things like passports, immigration papers and visas. Taking it a step further, we provide a concierge package that makes it easier to get to know your new home. We make sure you’re taken care of.

    For those who create the jobs Baku professionals desire, we streamline the vetting and hiring process. With a large pool of experienced and motivated contractors, as well as those looking for permanent positions, we find the people that meet 90% of your outlined skill set, possess a genuine passion for the work and are happy to work within the specified salary range. We also take care of details like payroll and benefits. Providing jobs in Baku energy suddenly got a whole lot easier.


    Although our mission is to make certain each job Baku energy offers is filled to everyone’s satisfaction, we also want you to know how much we appreciate each of our individual and company clients. To learn more about how we can help you, please fill the contact form below or use the office locator to contact us about jobs in Baku.

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