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    International job placement is complex

    When your company is expanding its market and client base, unique challenges emerge. Those challenges can become overwhelming if this includes overseas expansion and international hiring. 

    It could require complex logistics involving work permits, visas, international travel and finance. It could involve challenges finding the right skill set for your project needs.

    In short, it can strain your management and human resources teams at a time when they already have a lot of work.

    That's why it makes a lot of business sense to partner with an international employment agency when you're looking to expand and hire globally.

    What are the main advantages of working with international recruitment agencies?

    There are a lot of reasons to work with overseas employment agencies. 

    Firstly, truly global recruitment firms have an existing talent pool that is internationally mobile. They could be either willing to relocate or already working in the area where you need staffing. 

    An overseas jobs agency can also manage the paperwork-intensive process of international hiring. An established recruitment firm can make it as simple as reviewing and approving pre-screened candidates.

    The right international placement agency connects you with highly-skilled labor quickly and with minimal strain on your existing human resources or management teams.

    A great overseas agency frees up your existing management and human resources teams. They help you focus on your core business by managing applicant search and vetting. 

    The best overseas employment agencies make your international expansion simpler, smoother and quicker.

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    What overseas employment services can Airswift provide?

    Talent Acquisition: Contract, Permanent and Mass Hire

    Airswift Talent Acquisition Workforce Solutions

    International engineering projects need niche specialists.

    The right overseas employment agency will have the network and brand to quickly connect you with top talent.

    This could include short-term contract workers for an internationally based project or full-time permanent workers.

    Our talent acquisition teams focus on dedicated engineering and technical disciplines. This gives them a detailed understanding of client requirements to help you save time and find quality candidates.

    With over a hundred recruitment consultants dedicated to finding you top talent, you can be assured of excellent service. 

    We have global recruiters focused on the following sectors and specialise in contract, permanent and executive search recruitment services

    Our experience and dedication to client satisfaction for over 40 years has ensured we are trusted by the world's leading engineering companies.

    If your company is expanding overseas, we can support your offshore hiring.

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    Global Employment,  Mobility and relocation services

    Airswift Global Employment & Mobility Workforce Solutions (GEM)Sometimes vetting and hiring the right talent is hard enough.

    Adding international labour and tax laws complicates things further

    A global employment agency can take care of the complex legal and logistical requirements that could otherwise stall your expansion.

    Our Global Employment & Mobility team can handle the details and paperwork that could prove overwhelming for your existing staff, if they don't have experience in overseas hiring and relocations.

    • Global immigration and visa services
    • Mobilisation and logistics services
    • Relocation management
    • Payroll outsourcing and taxation services
    • Contractor care management
    • Global Employment Outsourcing (GEO)

    Our headquarters in the United Kingdom, United States and Singapore are the hubs for our international projects. In addition, we have over 60 global offices and significant overseas recruitment presence throughout the Middle East, Africa and Latin America

    Managed Services and Recruitment Outsourcing (RPO solutions)

    Airswift Managed Solutions

    Is your company grappling with multiple suppliers and escalating hiring costs?

    Our in-house managed solutions can help!

    We offer an embedded recruitment process outsourcing service on or near-site. Our team becomes immersed in your company culture and engage in your hiring process. An on-site managed solution can reduce cost and time-per-hire without compromising quality.

    Consulting: talent mapping, benchmarking and strategy development

    Airswift Workforce & HR Consulting Services

    How can you plan your global expansion without fully understanding the labour market in your new location?

    Rate escalation and low skills availability could slow your progress.

    40 years of managing global projects has taught us what exceptional recruitment and workforce planning looks like. 

    Our expert consultancy services help you keep ahead of human resources trends and plan for the long term

    • Project talent mapping
    • HR data analytics
    • Compensation and market rate benchmarking
    • Skills assessments
    • Strategic workforce planning
    • Performance and risk management advice

    Airswift have been managing international recruitment and providing overseas employment services for 40 years

    Airswift is a leading international recruitment and staffing agency for STEM industries. We have over 60 offices around the world, hundreds of employees and thousands of experienced, highly-skilled and qualified candidates ready to fill your positions.

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