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    While finding a job in your local area might be tough with the current economy, there may be hope for your career and financial success in a different area of the world. Vacancies in Iraq are at an all-time high, and Airswift has the connections to put you in a high-paying, rewarding and life-changing position.

    Why settle for a minimum wage position in your local hometown when you can gain an opportunity of a lifetime? Airswift doesn’t just want to give you a job; we want you to make the most of your time spent and work on something that truly matters.


    Next to Saudi Arabia and Canada, Iraq has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. In addition, Iraq is dedicated to future investments in new and updated infrastructure for their oil reserves, resulting in more jobs available all the time. By finding employment through Airswift, you will be helping support the energy industry worldwide.


    The mission in Iraq is not just to support the energy industry, but to ensure the economic stability of multiple countries around the world. Airswift wants to put you in a position to help the world’s oil production reach new levels. More oil production means reduced costs to consumers, which in turn stimulates the world economy.


    Not only does a job in Iraq help support the world’s energy resources, it is an opportunity to become financially independent and stand out better in your future career plans. The starting salary for an entry-level worker in Iraq hovers around the $80,000 (US) mark. If you have specialized experience working in the oil industry, or hold advanced degrees in engineering or science, your pay becomes exponentially higher.

    While an Iraq job may be difficult and require a large portion of your time, the experience you gain from it sets you up for future employment at virtually any oil rig, refinery, or corporate office anywhere in the world. Whether you plan to stay in the energy industry, or seek employment in another field, a stint in Iraq really tends to stand out on a resume.


    No matter where you might live, it is easy to Airswift for information about any Iraq job. We have offices all over the world. Whether you have experience or are just breaking into the energy industry, we can use your help to fill vacancies in Iraq.

    If you want to break the cycle of economic depression in your own life, or if you just want to serve in a humanitarian role, fill the form below for information about your new career. If you have questions about our recruitment procedures in your region, give us a call. Your skills and financial gain will launch your career and help set up a future for you, your family, and the entire world.

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