Oil Field Jobs South Texas

Oil field jobs in South Texas are in high demand and Airswift can help you with your strategic energy positions. We provide experienced and qualified job candidates with the tools necessary to find the best positions with South Texas oil companies. We also work alongside Oil & Gas companies in South Texas to help staff and support field positions, including positions from administrative assistant to executive vice president.


Employment solutions with Airswift do not focus on a single job. Airswift makes the entire hiring process more streamlined and easy for everyone because of our attentiveness to each and every individual. First, our company performs detailed background checks on each potential contractor in order to determine they are a right fit for Oil & Gas companies in South Texas. After that, we provide necessary human resources work such as drug testing, payroll services, contract negotiations, and salary arbitration.

We view our contractors as part of the largest family in the Oil & Gas industry and we make sure that they are set up for lucrative and rewarding positions for years to come. Once a contractor completes work on a job for Oil & Gas companies in South Texas, they are set up with another position. Airswift is dedicated to finding contractors their next Texas Oil & Gas job even before their current project comes to an end.


Airswift is interested in getting the most qualified employees for oil field jobs in South Texas, and our team works around the clock to make sure travel logistics are in place. This includes housing, rental cars, and the shipment of home goods so contractors have easy and comfortable access to their work sites. Oil companies in South Texas want the best and brightest workers in the world, and we help qualified workers from around the world gain access to jobs that match their qualifications as well as help with passports and visas.


With over 50 offices and contractors working in 57 countries, Airswift is wholly committed to providing the energy, process and infrastructure industries the largest family of workers in the world. Airswift is not only looking for candidates who are motivated, but who are also committed to providing for the energy needs of the world.


Are you interested in starting or enhancing your career with oil field jobs in South Texas? Do you work for South Texas oil companies and need qualified, experienced and dedicated employees to man your operations? If so, Airswift wants to do business with you. If you are interested and would like to receive more information about our company and how we can help oil companies in South Texas, contact us and a representative will help you as soon as possible.