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By Leeban Clemmey
August 5, 2019

March 29, 2021

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Energy companies looking to start new projects overseas can benefit from working with a strategic recruitment partner. Here are five essential skills the best providers have.

There are huge opportunities for energy companies looking to start projects on the continent of Africa. Though it only accounts for four per cent of global energy production, Africa has huge untapped reserves of oil and natural gases in its many countries and offshore.

BP, Total, Anadarko and ExxonMobil are just some of the energy companies investing millions into projects across Africa, all of which are set to create a boom for local workers across Africa and open new opportunities amongst the regional communities set to benefit most.

However, for energy companies looking to start projects in Africa, it’s important they are able to abide by the employment laws and regulations in each different region. And, the stronger their compliance process from day one, the better chance their projects will be successful, delivered on time and on budget.

Working with the right strategic employment agency can help you to do that.

But, for your project to hit the ground running, your partner needs to be highly adept and have a broad range of skills, including:


1. Local knowledge

Having a recruitment team with strong local connections within a region is crucial when it comes to recruiting the best workers, and giving them the confidence that they will be looked after on an overseas assignment.

It can also help them to promote your energy company within the local talent base and better communicate your ethos, benefits and wider outlook to workers both in the short- and long-term. A local base is crucial to building a strong pool of accessible local talent for current and future projects.


2. Assistance with compliance

Similarly, that knowledge is key when it comes to compliance with local rules regarding immigration and local content regulations, including the percentage of your workforce that must be sourced from within the country, as well as the rights they have.

In Africa, Airswift has personnel based in Angola, Ghana, Mozambique, Senegal, Uganda, Tanzania and other places, ensuring our ears are always to the ground across the continent and we can assist our clients when it comes to compliance with current and emerging rules and regulations.


3. Experience with mobilisation

Your energy project in Africa won’t necessarily be staffed entirely with local workers, which is why it’s so important to have a strategic recruitment partner with experience in global mobility.

Whether it’s organising a single visa and hotel, or moving a large number of workers through multiple countries, providing accommodation, local transport, school searches and other destination services, Airswift has the experience to help supermajors and other energy companies with matters of mobility to make their global relocation needs run as smoothly as possible.


4. International payroll experience

The right strategic workforce solutions partner can also provide assistance with other managed solutions, such as international payroll.

Streamlining your international payroll through a workforce solutions partner will help to ensure compliance at all times with local and international laws, especially when it comes to tax, as well as help to ensure your workforce is always paid correctly and on time.


5. Overall reach

Probably the most important skill they need to have though is their overall reach. A strategic workforce solutions partner can help you to find the best staff for the job from talent pools across the globe.

Airswift, for instance, has more than 60 offices in key regions across the globe, with all offices communicating effectively with each other regularly to stay ahead of any compliance and international law changes that may affect an energy company’s recruitment strategy. Our experience with supermajors over 40 years and 93% requirement success rate speaks for itself.


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