How to choose the best employment agency for your next role

August 11, 2020

How to choose the best employment agency

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Searching for a new job can be a very daunting and time consuming process. That’s why many contractors choose to work alongside an employment agency to help them find the perfect role for them.

It may even be the case that you’ve already found a role working on a project on a temporary contract basis, but the company has asked you to find an employment agency to help with the HR elements of the recruitment process.

Just like the job itself, it’s important to make sure the agency you work with aligns perfectly with your needs and expectations. It’s essential that you choose an employment agency that has your best interests at heart and the right industry experience to get you the position you want.

Read on for our top tips on choosing the best employment agency for your needs.

Heritage and experience

Whilst some recruitment companies cover a range of industries, many employment agencies provide recruitment solutions for employees in a particular industry, level or even role.

Specialist agencies with more experience in a specific industry tend to have a better knowledge of the job market in that sector. They also have a clearer understanding of the types of jobs available in the industry, and the skills most in demand.

In order to get a full picture of what the job market looks like, and a good idea of how to best achieve your job searching goals, choose an agency with several years of experience in recruiting within your field.

Safety focus


When working in the energy, process and infrastructure industries, hazardous environments are not uncommon, so your safety is of utmost importance. Choose a recruitment business that recognises this and promotes safe work practice.

Some specialist recruitment agencies have an HSE management system in place to ensure that the companies they work with can demonstrate their ability to carry out smooth, safe operations.

This might include the following:

  • Provision of PPE when its required for jobs
  • Policies and procedures to ensure that work is carried out safely
  • Additional training if required
  • Distribution of monthly safety topics
  • Position as point of contact should you have any safety concerns
  • Promotion of a safe and healthy work environment

Contractor experience

Working with a staffing agency should benefit you, so make sure you choose one that can help you get to where you want to be.

Ideally, you want to work with a recruitment consultant who is easy to work with, understands your industry, knows exactly what kind of role you want (and what you don’t want!) and has a genuine interest in helping you get a job that suits you. This means offering excellent communication and keeping in regular contact to inform you of any new job opportunities that arise, as well as being responsive when you reach out to them.

Some agencies also offer perks and value adds to create a unique candidate experience.

Benefits to look out for include:

  • Dedicated service consultant - someone who will help you at every step of the job seeking process, including helping you relocate if you need to move elsewhere for a new role. It can be frustrating if there are communication issues within the recruitment process, so make sure you work with an agency that offers regular support and feedback on your applications.
  • Referral bonuses - There may be perks such as bonus schemes in place for workers who refer friends or colleagues to the agency.
  • Dedication to transitioning contractors into their next role - Make sure the agency you choose has a passion for helping candidates find their perfect job.


If you’re looking for a role in a completely new location, there’s a lot to think about in terms of visa applications and immigration laws. Choose an agency that will help you when it comes to these challenges; this will take some of the pressure off you whilst you focus on preparing for your new role!

When you’ve found the job you want, it’s important to get the right support from your recruitment agency in the next stages. This is especially true for those relocating. Make sure you find a recruitment firm that can help with your needs when it comes to moving to a new location.

Global footprint and local knowledge

compliance risks and global expansion

If you’re considering moving to a job in another location, you’ll need a recruiter who has expert knowledge in the area you’re thinking of moving to. Many employment agencies are focused on one geographical area, whereas there are some who have a more global presence.

To get the best out of your job search, work with an agency that has an established global footprint when it comes to your industry. Local knowledge of the area your potential role is based will also help when it comes to relocating, as well as any legal considerations such as visa applications.

Always look for a proven track record for having a presence on the ground in the areas you want to work in. Many employment companies don’t have a physical presence in the country they’re recruiting for, and that extra knowledge and experience is vital to your transition into your new role.

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This post was written by: Paul Murphy, Recruitment & Delivery Centre Director (Oil & Gas) - EMEACIS