8 renewable energy projects in Australia

January 21, 2020

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Australia has been a strong employment source for both expatriates and local workers within the natural resources, oil and mining industries for many years.

But with so many new projects being run in 2020, Australia is creating more and more green jobs across the country, transforming it into a world leader in the renewable energy industry.

If you’re looking for a renewable energy job in Australia, take a look at the list below. We’ve highlighted some of the top renewable energy projects taking place in Australia this year, and why you should consider working on them.

Wind farm projects in Australia 

There are set to be a number of wind farm projects taking place in 2020, creating renewable energy projects in areas such as Biala, Yass and Woolsthorpe. 

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1. Biala Wind Farm

Owned by Beijing Jingneng Clean Energy (Australia) Holding Pty Ltd, the proposed Biala wind farm is a 31-turbine wind farm located south of Grabben Gullen, 8km east of Biala. The construction of this wind farm began in August 2019, with completion expected within 16-18 months.

The wind farm has an expected installed capacity of approximately 110MW, which should produce enough electricity to power around 46,000 typical homes on an average day of wind.

The project requires electrical work, including the installation of high voltage cables underground, civil works such as upgrading site junctions, and wind turbine maintenance. This opens up potential opportunities for sub-contractors interested in taking part in such an important project.

2. Bango Wind Farm

Due to finish in 2021, this project is a development of 46 wind turbines located around 30km north of Yass in New South Wales. Due to its reliable wind source, proximity to existing transmission infrastructure and low density of residential dwellings, this site lends itself perfectly to wind generation.

The wind farm will help to reduce the market reliance on fossil fuel generation in NSW. With a capacity of approximately 240MW, the project will also generate enough energy for more than 100,000 homes and save more than 600,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year.

This large-scale project will run for around 25 years, providing plenty of opportunity for new jobs including 10 full-time positions and many supply contracts and service opportunities throughout the lifecycle of the project.

3. Kingaroy Wind Farm

Plans for Kingaroy Wind Farm were approved in 2019, creating 100 new jobs for regional workers during the construction stage. When the wind farm is operational, the Minister for State Development expects that five further jobs will become available.

The project will provide 16 new turbines, which brings the region’s total up to almost 140. Once the farm is constructed and operational, it is expected to generate enough energy to power the equivalent of 35,000 homes, as well as reducing carbon dioxide output by approximately 150,000 tonnes every year.

4. Woolsthorpe Wind Farm

Located 25km from the coast and 4km west of Woolsthorpe, the Woolsthorpe Wind Farm project has a development approval for up to 20 wind turbines.

Construction time is relatively short, with an estimated timeframe of 10-12 months.

With an expected capacity of 72MW, the project is expected to help meet Victoria’s growing demand for green power. It will also provide construction jobs for regional workers.

5. Coppabella Wind Farm

Owned by Goldwind Australia, Coppabella Wind Farm is located in New South Wales, around 30km west of Yass. The government of NSW has approved the construction of up to 75 wind turbines, which, once operational, will power approximately 120,000 homes in the region each year.

In addition to this benefit, the construction of the wind farm will provide 200 locally-sourced jobs.


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Solar farm projects in Australia 

2020 will see numerous solar farm projects taking place across Australia. This will create green jobs in areas such as Armidale and Adelaide. 



1. Metz Solar Farm

Metz Solar farm is located 20km east of Armidale in NSW. It is a 115MW solar photovoltaic project aiming to generate clean renewable energy to power up to 40,000 homes.

It is estimated the project will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by around 288,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, as well as saving approximately 440,000 megalitres of clean drinking water in comparison to a coal-fired power station.

In terms of employment, the project will create direct jobs through each stage of the project; an estimated 100 opportunities could open up over the course of a year.

2. Gunnedah Solar Farm

This 302-hectare solar farm is constructed within an existing farm spanning 763 hectares.

Gunnedah Solar Farm will help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and aims to achieve a reasonable balance between maximising solar resource use and managing the potential impact on the environment and surrounding residents.

The project is expected to see more than 100 people working on the construction of the farm, with 10 operational jobs to be added in the long term.

3. Riverland Solar Farm and Storage

Located in South Australia, around 125km northeast of Adelaide, Riverland Solar Farm and Storage is a renewable energy project proposed by Lyon Group, with a capacity of 330MW.

In South Australia, the demand for electricity can reach more than double a typical day’s demand on some days, usually on extremely hot days when use of air conditioners is increased.

This project is designed to ease these difficulties by providing extra generation to supply large quantities of electricity for short periods to meet peak demand.

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