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Canadian construction jobs

As one of the biggest oil-producing countries in the world, Canada fuels a significant portion of the North American economy.

It is an attractive destination for construction workers looking for new opportunities.

With 40 years’ experience in the energy, process and infrastructure industry, Airswift can connect you with leading names and help you get a job working on some of Canada's biggest projects.

​We have offices in Calgary, St. John’s, Halifax and London; for more information, check out our Canada office location page.

What types of construction jobs do Airswift recruit for?

Looking for a job in construction to match your skill set? Airswift is more than happy to assist you in securing the perfect construction job with our clients. If you have a background in construction and are looking for a role based around this, then you are the candidate that we are looking for!

Our clients have plenty of differing roles for you to take a look at. If any of the Canadian construction jobs are something that you take an interest in or have experience in, then we would love for you to apply

How to apply for construction jobs through Airswift

Airswift has been providing recruitment and workforce solutions for over four decades, and currently have multiple roles available in the construction sector for the right candidates.

If your job requires you to relocate overseas, we can make the transition as smooth as possible. We can provide support for travel, documentation, housing and more.

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Airswift is one of the best agencies to deal with globally.

Inter Pipeline, Canada - Contractor

My contacts provided excellent service, keeping me informed every step of the way during the onboarding process and providing quick responses to my questions regarding my assignment with the client company.

NOVA Chemicals Corporation, Canada - Contractor

I've found having local support very helpful and Airswift have been overall very responsive

Cenovus, Canada - Contractor

Looking to hire? Airswift can help

Airswift is a recruitment company that has helped source renewable energy candidates worldwide for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on understanding the demanding nature of the energy, process and infrastructure sectors.

Airswift is a global entity with headquarters in Asia, North America and the UK. Local delivery is supported by more than 60 regional offices worldwide. We can help you find onshore and offshore construction professionals in countries all over the world.

Know that the people you meet from Airswift will fulfil 90% or more of your specified criteria, and come from a background of experience, as well as a passion for the work.

Airswift will take care of background checks, contract negotiation, drug screens, payroll services, salary arbitration and any other HR help you need. 

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