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Oil and gas jobs in Australia are in high demand. Airswift is the international workforce solutions provider you can trust to find and fill these roles with unbeatable efficiency and service.

Airswift has been working with oil and gas companies in Australia since 2007 and we currently have offices in Perth and Brisbane.

We’re currently looking for a diversified group of people to staff positions for Australian oil and gas companies. Whether you are a skilled drilling technician or a process engineer, Airswift wants to find a spot for you.

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Here at Airswift, we support your job search with the expertise of specialist oil & gas recruiters and access to the leading companies in the global energy industry. 

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Airswift has offices in Perth and Brisbane. Local delivery is supported by more than 60 regional offices worldwide. We can help you find oil and gas jobs in countries all over the world.

Once you’ve found the right role, we’ll also help you make the relocation process as smooth as possible. 

Relocating to Australia 

In order to work with an oil and gas company in Australia, it is essential to move to where production occurs. Australia is a large country and even the people living on either coast need help with relocation and travel logistics.

Airswift’s business services take care of all moving logistics, travel arrangements and residency issues so you can begin your new contract job as comfortably as possible.

If you are not an Australian citizen, Airswift can help you procure the proper passports and visa documents that will allow you to work in the country without a hitch.

What other candidates say

  • "You have a great team in Perth and I have no hesitation in recommending Airswift to any of my friends or colleagues looking for an excellent agency to work for."  

  • "I am happy with Airswift and I like everyone there. I know that if I need something or I have a problem, I can always go and ask them for help. I can always rely on them."
  • "Individuals have gone the extra mile to ensure my needs and concerns have been dealt with in a most professional manner. In my opinion, no company has conducted itself in a more professional manner than Airswift."

Are you a manager looking for Australian oil and gas talent?

Airswift works with major Australian oil and gas companies to provide staffing solutions.

When you work with us on your next project, you’ll find that our candidates meet over 90% of your job description qualifications.

We also provide an extensive host of HR services, including background checks, drug screenings, payroll and contract negotiations.

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