Process Engineer Jobs and Career Opportunities

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    What sectors are looking for experienced process engineers? 

    Process engineers work for companies in a variety of sectors around the world, including:

    • Oil and gas - process engineers in oil and gas are responsible for designing, constructing, maintaining and improving facilities and equipment used to process and produce oil and gas at both onshore and offshore locations.
    • Renewables - process engineers in this sector are focused on ways to minimise environmental impact during the production of energy from renewable or sustainable resources. 
    • Chemicals - process engineering in this sector is highly complex and requires extensive knowledge of both engineering and chemistry. 
    • Mining and metals - companies in this sector use process engineers to ensure minimal waste of valuable resources and products during refinery operations and processes.
    • Power - all power plants and refineries require process engineers, from natural gas processing plants to nuclear power plants and coal-fired power facilities. 

    Is there an opportunity to work in other locations? 

    Airswift has a huge global presence and, with over 60 regional offices plus head offices in Singapore, Houston and Manchester, we can help you find process engineer jobs in almost any location. 

    Process engineers are always needed in oil-producing countries such as Singapore, Australia and Malaysia. The biggest producers of oil in the world are the United States, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iraq and Iran. Demand for engineering professionals in these areas are therefore high, making them hotspots for this type of work. 

    If your job requires you to relocate overseas, we can make the transition as smooth as possible. We’ll provide support for travel, housing, documentation and more.

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    How can Airswift help me find a process engineering job?

    At Airswift, we understand the demanding nature of the energy, process and infrastructure industries. We have more than 40 years of experience and have placed thousands of contractors worldwide, so you can rest assured that we’ll help you find your perfect role within the process engineering space. 

    How does process engineering differ from other engineering positions?

    Process engineering involves the chemical or biochemical processes used to turn raw materials into an end product. Process engineers are responsible for developing, specifying, implementing and monitoring those processes and delivering successful manufacturing projects. 

    This differs from production and manufacturing engineers, who assemble individual pieces into a distinct product, usually on a production line. Process engineering is fairly similar to chemical engineering, but the emphasis is geared more towards mathematics and physics rather than chemistry. 

    Job descriptions for a process engineer may include:

    • Providing high-quality concepts and support for future and ongoing developments 
    • Carrying out conceptual studies and analyses for projects 
    • Project management tasks such as preparing reports to document costs and execution strategies 
    • Identifying areas for industrial process improvement
    • Coordinating process design activities 
    • Training and mentoring junior engineers 
    • Overseeing day to day manufacturing processes 

    What skills and qualifications do I need?

    To become a process engineer, you’ll need:

    • A degree in chemical or process engineering (or similar, depending on the role)
    • Previous engineering experience is helpful, especially within the oil and gas industry 
    • Experience in cost estimation, upstream developments and concept engineering
    • The ability to use process simulation software such as HYSYS 
    • Equipment and process safety knowledge 
    • Experience in report writing
    • Good communication and organisational skills 
    • Good computer skills and IT experience

    Are you an employer looking for process engineers?

    If you’re an employer or hiring manager in search of process engineers for your projects, we’d love to help. We’ll take care of all HR responsibilities, such as background checks and contract negotiation, so you have more time to focus on running your business. 

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