Welding Jobs and Career Opportunities

Are you looking to expand your career in welding engineering? Read on to find out more about the jobs market in this discipline and how you can take the first steps in your welding career.

    Are you looking for a contracted or full time welding job within the energy, process or infrastructure industries? On this page, you’ll find everything you need to know about a career in welding, including what the responsibilities are, what qualifications you’ll need and more. 

    What does a welding job involve?

    The role of a welder involves joining, cutting and shaping metal plate, pipework and composite material. They generally work in sectors such as construction and civil engineering. 

    Typical responsibilities include:

    • Following engineering instructions and drawings for projects
    • Ensuring that project objectives are achieved on all operations, whether being performed in a workshop or on-site 
    • Ensuring that the resources needed are within the notified constraints 
    • Calibrating and operating welding equipment and tools 
    • Dismantling metal structures 
    • Taking responsibility to ensure the highest quality of work is achieved 
    • Monitoring quality control during construction to adhere to technical requirements and applicable codes such as Safety In Design (SID) 
    • Provide inspection services throughout projects
    • Ensure compliance with governing standards 
    • Monitoring and supervising the fabrication of yard activities 
    • Ensuring the safe execution of construction 
    • Ensuring that construction is safe and cost-effective 
    • Preparing and reviewing the required permits 

    There are different types of welding jobs to consider when choosing your career path. These include:

    • Pipe welders - involved in assembling, maintaining and installing structural units and piping systems 
    • TIG welders - responsible for using tungsten inert gas welding to fuse metal parts together 
    • Combo welders - often work on construction sites and use specialised welding equipment to construct, repair and maintain parts such as pipes
    • Structural welders - responsible for designing, laying out and fabricating metal framework for industrial and commercial buildings
    • Arc welders - responsible for welding together metal components of products, such as pipelines and ships, using electric arc-welding equipment. 
    • Welder fabricator - often involved in the creation of new structures or responsible for repairing existing ones 

    Welding professionals typically work at least 40 hours per week on construction sites or in workshops. Before being able to work independently, you may require safety training and supervision, as welding roles are often hazardous. 

    What skills and qualifications do I need to get a welding job?

    In addition to experience as a skilled welder, you may also require a degree in a relevant field. On-the-job experience is also important; this is usually gained through working as an apprentice for several years. 

    The role also requires a number of important skills. For example, a successful welder should have strong hand-eye coordination, as well as good communication and problem-solving skills. 

    It’s also important to be knowledgeable about the latest technologies, and be open to relocation if necessary. 

    How Airswift can help qualified welders 

    Here at Airswift, we’re committed to helping you find onshore or offshore welder jobs that match your skills and expertise. We’re committed to maintaining the largest network of contractors in the energy, process and infrastructure industries. This commitment means we’ll make sure your next welding job is secure before your current one even ends. 

    Airswift has over 60 offices and has placed more than 9,000 contractors in 57 different countries. Our head offices are in Houston TX, Manchester UK and Singapore, which means we’re well positioned to help candidates all over the world. 

    Due to the global nature of the industry, you may get the opportunity to work on projects in other countries or regions. In order to make the moving process as smooth as possible, we’ll take care of all logistics concerning your relocation. We can help you make housing arrangements, schedule rental cars and even move your belongings to your new location.

    We’ll also make the connections that guarantee your passports, visas and other travel documents are in place before you start working in your new role.

    Are you an employer looking for talented welders?

    If you’re an employer looking for the most qualified welders to join your organisation, Airswift is a valuable business partner. We provide all of the valuable and essential HR functions necessary during the hiring process, so you can concentrate on running your business.

    Before providing you with a contractor, we perform essential tasks such as background checks, drug screens, salary negotiations and payroll procedures. We will also ensure that all candidates put forward to you meet at least 90% of your criteria and have a passion for the energy industry. 

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    What other candidates say

    • “Individuals have gone the extra mile to ensure that my needs and concerns have been dealt with in a most professional manner. In my opinion, no company has conducted itself in a more professional manner than Airswift.”

    • “Whenever I had a question there was always someone there to answer it. My old company ‘forgot’ about me after I had started but, Airswift has always been there. I’m very pleased.”

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    Welding positions we have previously filled 

    • QA Inspector - Welding
    • Welding Inspector 
    • Welder 
    • Lead Materials / Welding Engineer 
    • Specialist in Welding
    • Senior Welding Inspector 
    • Quality Offshore Inspector - Welding 
    • Welding Materials Engineer 
    • Welding Engineer 
    • QC Welding Inspector 
    • Welding Specialist - Piping
    • CWI Lead Welding Inspector 
    • Jacket Welding Engineer
    • Deck Materials Welding Engineer
    • Welding Quality Engineer
    • Welding Supervisor 
    • QC Welding Lead 
    • AGW Welder
    • Senior Material and Welding Engineer 
    • Assistant Welding Engineer 
    • Piping Welding Inspector