Global Employment Outsourcing Across EMEA

Case Study


Our client manages project work for a major Saudi oil company throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Airswift have been a supplier and partner to the company since 2017, supporting them on a range of projects throughout these locations.


The client operates in a number of regions through a host company office. Having no entities in a number of locations within Europe, they are unable to operate directly in European countries and have little knowledge on employment laws and requirements specific to each country. In their efforts to establish a presence within the continent, they required help with the setup and routes for mobilisation and applications for work permits.

Airswift Solution

Airswift partnered with the company to provide in-country support and expertise in project locations where they required an entity, including the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, United Arab Emirates and Malaysia. Airswift provided contract recruitment, global mobility and payroll services, including consulting on location-specific employment laws and compliance requirements.


Since our initial partnership, Airswift have grown regional headcount throughout all project locations, managing a total of 100 contractors peaking at 70 at one time. In 2019, the company rated Airswift as their number one agency and extended our contract until 2022. Airswift continue to supply incountry expertise and knowledge to enable the client to execute project work compliantly and efficiently.

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