Case Study


Our client is the operator for a $19 billion LNG project in Papua New Guinea. The project encompasses 800 km of onshore / offshore pipeline, a gas processing facility, a two-train LNG plant and all associated infrastructure to support the project. Airswift is one of the preferred suppliers for technical recruitment and global mobility services.


Our client needed help supporting a large number of contract personnel due to their lack of presence in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. There were also a number of location factors such as safety, security, health and cultural considerations of deploying expatriates. Finding qualified local PNG citizen-labour for the project was also challenging.

Airswift Solution

In 2008 agreements were signed and Airswift opened a local office in Port Moresby to provide local, on-the-ground support to our client. Airswift’s recruitment teams identified both local and expatriate workers for the project while global mobility teams provided a full suite of services, including immigration, finance and assignment and mobilisation services. Additional mobilisation services specific to the region included pre-employment medical checks and a malaria control programme.


Construction started in early 2010 and production began in April 2014. Through our global MSA, Airswift successfully supported over 250 personnel assigned to our client at any one time in Papua New Guinea across a broad range of disciplines.

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