Tyra Gas Redevelopment

Airswift helps Tyra secure global talent with employer of record services

The challenge: Finding a workforce solutions partner with on-the-ground experience to source talent for project locations 

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Located in the Danish North Sea, the Tyra gas field is the centre of Denmark's national energy infrastructure, processing 90% of the country’s natural gas production.

The client recently invested more than $300 million to redevelop these platforms in the Danish North Sea (originally built in 1984) in a bid to support Europe’s transition towards a low-carbon energy future.

This was a big construction project with a typically complex oil and gas supply chain.

Components and structures were to be built in Spain, Italy, Indonesia and Singapore. The client had a permanent presence in these locations but did not have the resources and infrastructure to manage the project requirements alone. 

The managers of the project needed to find a workforce solutions partner who could:

  • Provide global employment outsourcing, payroll and global mobility solutions
  • Deliver services to their engineering and construction sites across seven locations, including Denmark, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia 
  • Support the project for at least three years 
  • Apply aligned values in terms of prioritising employee safety and wellbeing
  • Ensure the data protection of their employees
  • Manage a number of vendors ranging from transportation providers to training and certification institutions and even staff retreats!

The solution: An Employer of Record to ensure all complex immigration laws are met 


The client needed an Employer of Record for their employees and contractors in each of the seven host countries, facilitating compliant mobilisation and providing efficient management of personnel. This included ensuring smooth expatriation, repatriation, consecutive assignment transitions and resolution of issues in country. 

They appointed Airswift to ensure smooth expatriation, repatriation, consecutive assignment transitions and resolutions of day-to-day issues in-location

One of the candidates Airswift helped to recruit was Pushparaj Ramasamy, IT Lead Administrator for the Tyra Redevelopment Project. 

Originally from India, Raj has a diploma in Computer Technology and is CCNA certified. He has 17 years of experience in the IT field and has worked in multiple countries for this project.

He has been based in Indonesia and Singapore, with Airswift helping him to relocate on both occasions. 

Raj’s role on the project involves providing IT support for sites in Batam, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, as well as the installation of all IT equipment and troubleshooting any kind of IT-related issues.

Raj was attracted to the project because of the challenge involved in oil and gas projects. “Oil and gas is always challenging because we have to support multiple sites in different locations,” he explains.

The assignment was a great fit for Raj, as it matched his skillset in IT. He says:

“I have worked previously with oil and gas projects, so I was a good fit for this project too. From an IT perspective, I learn something new every day. The IT systems used in projects of this scale are so complex, giving me countless opportunities to exercise and develop new problem-solving skills.”

Although he hadn’t previously worked with Airswift, Raj was very happy with his experience.

“I am completely satisfied with Airswift. My contact, Mr Vijay Anand, is always contactable, and he is supportive with all matters regarding my employment. I am very happy to have a wonderful relationship with Airswift. Vijay is very supportive and visa arrangements and work pass related matters are well-handled.”

Compared to other workforce solutions companies, Raj feels that Airswift is far more responsive and caring when it comes to candidates.

“Airswift always follows up closely with all employees and fulfills their needs with regards to work passes, accommodation, insurance and tax matters. Some recruiters will delay the process and are not responsive when we need them.”

Raj is so happy with his experience with Airswift that he wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again. 

“I will be blessed if I can get another opportunity to work with Airswift again. I have never faced any challenges since I started my work with Airswift.”

The results

  • All work permits were secured within the target timeline 
  • Currently supports a headcount of 140 contractors and 80 employees, especially in Singapore where the wellhead are being fabricated

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