Workforce Solutions for an Oil & Gas Startup

Case Study


Our client is an oil and gas midstream company operating assets in the Delaware Basin. The company has plans to include multiple cryogenic processing facilities, as well as gas and crude gathering pipelines, compression and treating facilities.

Airswift supported the client on a greenfield project which was expected to have 260 million cubic feet per day of processing capacity by the end of 2018, with additional expansion investments planned as producers are added to the system.


Due to the scale of this project, the company required staffing assistance for nearly 50 positions, ranging from on-site to senior positions. It needed to have all positions in place prior to start up, but had a tight time schedule, with on-boarding times from 6-12 weeks and multiple hires on-boarding at one time.

The client was a start-up company at the time with little to no reputation, and faced a highly competitive market, as dozens of gas plants were hiring in West Texas from an already limited local talent pool.

Airswift Solution

Airswift partnered with the company to provide full workforce solutions, from talent acquisition to consulting services. Airswift provided a team of dedicated specialist consultants to amp out the best cryo gas plant talent both locally and across the United States. Airswift approached the talent pool and qualified over 400 candidates.

Airswift’s consulting services included candidate information such as real-time compensation and benefits and the perception of the client as an employer. Airswift also developed a talent mapping tool, which generated a geographical representation of all key competitors within the gas processing sector in West Texas and across the US.

This market intelligence aided the strategy for hiring and operating the project, including structuring shifts to 14/14 on most lower level operating roles in order to attract talent from outside the area.


Airswift successfully recruited every position for the company within each allotted time scale and provided 30% local workforce and 70% from across the United States.

The consulting services provided to the client helped with shift schedules, pay rates and on-site accommodation (man camps) for the staff.

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