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The future of the global telecoms industry

The global telecoms industry is in great health according to BuddeComm’s Global Telecoms - The Big Picture 2019 report.

The telecoms industry is evolving at an incredible pace globally, with all EU countries expected to have some 5G services in place by 2020. Uninterrupted coverage in urban areas is expected to be available by 2025 on the continent.

Deloitte highlights how hard the telecoms industry is working, underlining how much time in 2019 was allocated to adapting to and preparing for the global roll out of 5G, and the new opportunities this wireless technology can bring.

Great telecoms means better infrastructure for public services such as transport; better ways for companies to communicate internally; new ways for supermajors in the energy industry to collect and analyse big data and many other benefits.

With so much progress in such a short time, that fast pace of growth has created numerous telecoms recruitment challenges – especially in regards to infrastructure – around the world.

Specific digital challenges need the right people to handle them, which is why it’s essential to partner with telecoms recruitment agencies to source the absolute best talent available, wherever in the world your infrastructure project is located.

The challenges facing companies looking to employ telecoms specialists

It’s hard for people to imagine that such a booming sector could ever be subject to a skills and talent shortage.

Amazingly, there have been many examples of engineering shortages across the globe, showing how valuable strong relationships with telecoms recruitment agencies can be for your business.

The UK government’s proposal for every home to have gigabit broadband by 2025 looks very ambitious considering the country’s engineering shortages, while a report in February 2019 by Deloitte and SEMI found that, globally, 60 percent of electrical engineering companies are having trouble filling open positions by discipline in the IC industry.

In teh report, computer science and mechanical engineering companies came in joint second at 35 percent each; these are essential disciplines for companies investing in providing 5G and improving telecoms infrastructure around the world.

In the US, too, the lack of engineers in the telecoms industry is having an impact on the number of experienced workers available to actually install 5G networks. In May 2019, for instance, it was reported that MasTec Network Solutions had approximately 680 tower crews available, but had business for at least 900 crews.

Global telecoms providers are facing unique recruitment challenges to a lack of specialist engineers. They’re struggling to recruit in volume; recruit specialists with the right compliance; find specialists willing to relocate and – most importantly – find and retain the best workers.

As touched on, key roles for telecoms companies specialising in 5G rollouts include engineers, mobile engineers, field engineers, tower crews and more. They can be found though; whether you’re laying down new infrastructure or updating existing telecoms landscapes, it’s essential that you partner with the right telecoms recruitment agencies to find the best in engineers to staff your projects and grow your company.

The benefits of partnering with telecoms recruitment agencies

Airswift recruits for the biggest energy, process and infrastructure companies in the world, going further than traditional telecoms recruitment agencies to find skilled telecoms experts who will enhance their digital strategies to take them into the future. We also recruit for companies within the telecoms sector proper.

Our specialist recruitment experts have been supplying global companies with the best talent for over 40 years. We have a much larger presence than most telecoms recruitment agencies, with a staff of 800 specialists from 70 nations working in 60 interconnected offices worldwide.

Those offices can be found in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the CIS region, North and Latin America and other regions, and are supported by three super hubs in Manchester, Singapore and Houston, Texas.

Airswift supports more than 7,000 technical contractors globally, and we’re proud to have amassed a 96% contractor satisfaction rate over our years of partnering with companies across various sectors, looking for the best in recruitment solutions.

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Providing essential telecoms recruitment and workforce solutions

Airswift is able to provide intricate staffing services that go beyond what’s typically offered by other telecoms recruitment agencies. Whether you’re looking for a cable engineer for your telecoms firm or a big data analyst to manage and enhance your oil and gas projects abroad, our specialist recruiters will find them via the following key services:

Talent Acquisition: If you have regular need to work with the best contractors in telecoms, the Airswift team will work with you to create an intricate talent acquisition and pipeline strategy dedicated to pairing you with the right people at all times using contract hire, direct hire and engaged search.

Global Employment & Mobility: If you’re struggling with telecoms recruitment agencies and need a more global solution to help get employees to your project abroad, Airswift can help with your global immigration, relocation services, global employment outsourcing and more.

Executive and Board Search: Are you falling behind in your digital duties and need fresh ideas to move your company forward? Airswift will work through the entire value chain to help you find the digital leaders who will inject fresh impetus into your company through our Ducatus Partners advisory firm.

Consulting: A lot of telecoms recruitment agencies keep hold of their data. Airswift will provide you with consultancy solutions, talent analytics and Total Workforce Intelligence (TWI) data to create strategies that your company can build on.

Managed Solutions: Do you have a large global workforce that you’re struggling to manage efficiently? Airswift can do it for you through recruitment process outsourcing, assessment, screening, vendor management systems and more.

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