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Argentina has its roots in Spanish colonization from the 16th century. The fight for independence came during the early 18th century with a civil war that ended in 1861. Since then, Argentina has experienced several waves of European immigrants coming to the country. Argentina is Latin America’s third-largest economy and the second largest in South America.

Argentina is bordered by the Andes in the west and the South Atlantic Ocean to the east. Argentina covers several climatic regions, including the subtropical in the north, humid and steamy in the center and cold in the temperate south.

The capital city of Buenos Aires has a comprehensive transportation system that is continuously expanding and improving. Transportation, which includes the extensive subway network, innumerable buses, micros and taxis, enable quick access to any destination in the city and surrounding areas.

Argentina is the second largest country in South America and offers a number of various special attractions and outdoor activities, including the majestic Iguazú Falls at the Iguazú National Park in the Misiones Province, the incredible snow-capped Mount Aconcagua along the Argentinean Andes and the ruins of Pucará de Tilcara in the Jujuy Province.

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