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Brazil has a prominent role in South America, being the biggest economy and the biggest in geographical size – accounting for almost half the South American continent. Brazil shares its borders with almost all other countries on the continent except for Chile and Ecuador. The country is made up of some mountain ranges, vast plateau and sedimentary basins, which is drained by the Amazon and its tributaries.

Most of Brazil’s transportation network is connected by roads, so buses are the most commonly used public transportation in and between cities. The country offers a wide range of accommodation, from motels, hotels and hostels, to apartments and houses. Brazilians are usually a very loving and amicable people. People typically dress in light clothing, such as dresses, shorts and shirts, due to the weather.

Since the weather across Brazil is mostly warm, there are several options for outdoor activities, such as visiting the many beaches along the coast, tracking on a mountain, horse riding, playing sports outdoors, among others. Each region has their own popular outdoor activity. A few special attractions in Brazil include the iconic Christ Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, the majestic Iguazu Falls and the cuisine and night life of São Paulo.

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