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Airswift can help with global immigration and staff relocation

For many companies, hiring and relocating international talent can be great advantage. However, navigating immigration can prove to be a difficult process to handle in house. If your human resources team is not familiar with the process of immigration or applying for visas, it is easy for a small mistake to happen.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a small mistake when it comes to international bureaucracy. There are a lot of issues that can impact the process, from background checks to tax considerations. Even the most skilled human resources professionals can feel overwhelmed by the immigration process, particularly if you hope to hire more than one international worker at a time.

Why should you work with a dedicated immigration company?

Working with an outside company for immigration services can free up your internal human resources team and can ensure a smooth and seamless immigration process, from applying for the visa to arranging for international travel.

However, it can be hard to find a company with the experience and knowledge of global immigration services. It is important to find a company that not only handles the international hiring process, but also provides the best immigration services, from developing legally sound contracts to handling paperwork, logistics, and tax documentation.  

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Our global immigration services are coordinated through local offices

  • Pre-mobilisation preparation and management
  • Attestation / legalisation of documents
  • Visas and work permits
  • Local registrations to ensure compliance
  • Exit formalities

We have developed a proven system to ensure that visa applications are processed quickly and efficiently, no matter which countries are involved.

Airswift has developed a innovative web-based solution for the management of mobilisation services with integrated processes designed to trigger actions that inform, cost-save and deliver compliant services. Our portals allow our clients a single global process to access your mobilisation program from anywhere in the world, ensuring a smoother mobilisation process for our clients and their workforce.

Our visa process

  1. We provide personnel with a starter pack that outlines documents and actions required of them and highlights a point of contact in the Global Mobility team.
  1. We place follow-up calls to support personnel in document gathering, answering queries, and providing interim quality assessments on suitability of available documentation and additional resources, e.g. booking a medical.
  1. Application forms and relevant documentation are sent to local authorities for processing.
  1. The visa is collected at the appropriate consulate location. This can include securing a dispensation to collect the visa from a consulate that is outside of the consultant’s home country.

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About Airswift Global Mobility Services

Our global mobility division was born out of client needs for cost effective and compliant global assignment management alongside employment services.

In 40 years of providing workforce solutions, Airswift have mobilised thousands of skilled professionals all over the world. Our relocation experience includes moving services and management of group moves into developed nations as well as more challenging geographies.

Clients benefit from Airswift’s network of over 60 offices and extended group of partner agencies in over 130 countries. This allows entry into new markets without the need for establishing local entities.

Our staff is comprised of experienced professionals, both local and expatriates with the regional knowledge and technical backgrounds in these competitive industries, allowing greater insight into the demands of each unique immigration process.