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Japan is a highly developed, stable democratic country and is considered one of the safest in the world. Japan is an archipelago that extends along the Pacific coast in Asia. The capital, Tokyo, is located in the centre of Japan along the eastern border and the country’s total population is about 127 million people.

Japan’s economy is highly developed and ranks as one of the top five largest in the world. The country is a frequent destination for foreign investors and business travellers. The country’s travel and tourist infrastructure are also among the most developed in the world.

Japanese manners are unique and deeply valued by its people. Good manners are recognized and well-practiced by both the young and the old. Dining rituals and table etiquette is also very important, but the host is more forgiving toward guests.

Tokyo offers a variety of activities and culture to absorb, from cinemas, theaters, bars, coffee shops, discos and karaoke bars. Authentic Japanese cuisine can be found throughout the major cities in small restaurants, hotels and street vendors.

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