Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia is an engineering powerhouse of a country and the world’s leading petroleum exporter. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest country of the Arabian Peninsula, occupying 80% of it. Temperatures are typically very high as it’s a mostly desert climate, but they take a sharp drop at night.

The most important thing when doing business in Saudi Arabia is establishing trust. Getting business done can take many meetings and a number of personal visits in order to advance the process. Men wear suits and ties while women wear conservative business attire.

Islam is the official religion in the country and is taken very seriously. Alcohol is strictly prohibited in all capacities and everyone is required to respect the local conventions. There is a wide array of foods from all over the world along with all the local dishes to satisfy your tastes.

There are plenty of sight-seeing and adventures to enjoy in Saudi Arabia including a visit to Al Masmak Fort, a trip to the famous bazaar Deera Souk, a lift to the top of the Sky Bridge and a stop at Saudi Arabia’s historic National Museum.

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