Global Payroll Outsourcing and International Tax Services

International payroll and tax is complicated...


Expanding into new markets is critical to ongoing success and growth. But it also introduces headaches relating to international payroll compliance.

While withholding domestic taxes may be straightforward, complexities increase when...

  1. Your company is in more than one time zone
  2. Your project is situated on another continent
  3. And you relocate workers from a different country to complete the work
  4. Each location has a differing approach to tax legislation

It is easy to see how these problems can multiply and compound in each new country you expand to. This can overwhelm your payroll team and lead to mistakes.

Not knowing about a specific law is never a good defense. Your company should follow local and international laws on every project.

Failure to remain compliant could result in:

  • Inability to meet project obligations on time and on budget
  • Reduced profit margins
  • Weakened brand reputation as a reliable and compliant vendor
  • Increased stress and burnout among your employees

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What international payroll issues do growing firms experience?

The most common payroll challenges our clients face are:

  • A lack of standardisation of international tax law. Each country has different rules and tax requirements.
  • Legal requirements change often. Making it difficult to remain compliant in every country
  • Internal accounting or payroll staff only have experience with local payroll regulations.
  • Keeping updated and educating internal teams on local law overwhelms staff. This often results in mistakes and oversights.
  • Even payroll and HR teams with international experience may only have legal expertise in a few countries.

Addressing by outsourcing is an option worth considering. But few ‘international’ payroll companies are truly global. Many outsourcers only operate in specific geographic regions, like Europe or North America. This creates a burden of juggling payroll vendors in different project locations.


Why outsource payroll processing services?

Confusion and oversight cause a host of issues that are challenging for CFOs and COOs to manage.

  • Lack of compliance damages your reputation with clients, employees and authorities. It can also cost you in fees, fines, or penalties
  • Oversights increase your tax burden and leave your workers with unpaid taxes or legal action
  • Mistakes create stress for your internal payroll staff and reduce productivity

Outsourcing global payroll to a specialist reduces compliance issues and staff stress

Many people think that outside payroll processing services are unnecessary. But it's common for corporate leaders to overlook the complexity of global payroll.

Seeking help from international payroll service providers can boost margins and save time. Here are a few key benefits of outsourcing


Benefits of using a payroll outsourcing company

  1. Working with a local tax and payroll specialist ensures compliance. In every location you operate in.
  2. Your staff will not need additional training to prevent mistakes or oversights. This can help attract and retain talent and boost morale.
  3. Enhanced time-savings ensure your team focus their expertise on productive work
  4. Reduce costs and save up to 60% on internal payroll resources
  5. Receive reliable HR support, including on-time, accurate payroll and in-depth reporting

How can Airswift help manage your global payroll requirements?


Airswift has a truly global reach, with 60 offices around the world. For more than 40 years, Airswift has helped international firms to grow.

We understand the demands placed on companies in competitive, global industries. We know that no two companies are alike. Our customized and scalable solutions can fit your workforce needs. Whether it is talent acquisition, global employment, or managing international payroll processing.

If you are expanding, choose Airswift as your global payroll provider.

Payroll Outsourcing Services

Our payroll outsourcing solutions are designed for companies that have an entity in-country but do not have local HR support.

If you do not have a local entity and require additional management, why not visit our Global Employment Outsourcing page? We can support you with employee contracts, benefits administration, visa processing as well as global payroll solutions.

  • Calculation of pay from gross to net
  • Payroll Instructions & reconciliations
  • Expense management & payments
  • Tax filings and payments
  • Year-end compliance reporting
  • Tax equalizations
  • Allowance management
  • PTO and accrual tracking
  • Employee query management
  • HRIS Management

How can Airswift support your global expansion?

As a staffing agency with over 40 years in workforce solutions and 7,000 employees, we’ve been there. We have experienced the hardships of global expansion. We have also had the pleasure of helping thousands of global companies to grow in new markets.

At Airswift, people are at the heart of everything we do and employee care is our specialty.  With over 60 offices globally and operations in 130 countries, we know people and their needs. 

Airswift can act as a fully integrated outsourced global employment organization, working side-by-side with clients. This eases the burden of in-house human resource teams by managing the entire process on their behalf.

Our global mobility specialists are trained to understand the local tax and social security requirements of their region. We also engage professional advisors to ensure that the advice provided is 100% accurate.

When you outsource to Airswift, your employees will be paid accurately, on time, and in accordance with local tax regulations. No matter where they are located.

We specialize in handling the toughest immigration challenges, logistical hardships, and complex employment laws. It’s what we do. Let us share our experiences and support your growing needs where you need it most.