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Airswift’s outplacement services are designed to aid employees going through the redundancy and job search phase

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Airswift career transition services

Having to go through a forced job change can be a challenging phase in any employee’s career. Airswift’s outplacement services are designed to aid employees going through the redundancy and job search phase by providing them with the support they need.

We strive to equip them with the tools they need to transition into their next role as swiftly as possible. 

We strongly believe that career transitions can be transformative. They have the ability to empower and uplift an employee as they move on towards new experiences. Therefore, we deliver a highly bespoke program that can be customised to fit the unique requirements of every individual. Across various levels and needs.

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Outplacement support should be provided ASAP

An unfortunate circumstance of outplacement is that many companies often treat it as a bargaining chip, offering it up as leverage for after the departing staff has agreed to all of the terms of separation. This can have adverse effects on both the employee and the organisation.

For it to be used to its full potential, outplacement services should be provided as as a readily available resource. Companies should implement it as quickly as possible to aid the transitioning employee.

Early access to outplacement support is especially important under circumstances such as:

  • When the departing employee is a C-level executive
  • When the separation will be potentially unexpected for the individual
  • When the notification of separation is done early, with weeks or months in between that and the final separation date
  • When the individual is in a position that will require them to provide training, knowledge transfer or a handover of duties to other prior to their exit
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The support process

Airswift’s career transition consultancy team work hand-in-hand with your HR arm to navigate through organisational change and deliver a structured set of services for any level of employee:

Engagement: This involves the initial consultation with a career consultant who specialises in the industry and discipline of the employee

Evaluation: This stage involves a thorough assessment of the employees past and current responsibilities, transferable kills, strengths and weaknesses, goals, behaviors and more.

Preparation: Upon completing the assessment, the career consultant will work with the employee to develop a portfolio of insightful documents and digital profiles. This step includes updating the employee’s resume and their LinkedIn profile.

Guidance: Involves an evaluation of potential companies and positions plus how and why the employee should submit their application. Our consultants can also advise on relevant job portals and aid in creating the required logins.

Coaching: Occurs across all levels and embodies and ongoing process of consultation, communication, and coaching throughout the career transition.

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Services provided

The individual consultation can take place either face-to-face or video conference. Services during this consultation will include:

  • Interview skills training, coaching and preparation
  • One-to-one competency-based interview simulation
  • Play book for salary advice, offer management and negotiation
  • Action plan with defined target industries, employers and job roles
  • Short-list of recruiters and advertising channels
  • Application tracker and templates
  • Formatted resume, including skills profile and achievement summary
  • Personalised statement and biographical cover letter

Please note that in these cases, Airswift does not assume the role of a recruitment consultant.

As an ongoing effort to ensure that each employee retains the ability to independently explore the job market, our career consultants must remain impartial in order to provide objective guidance during the employee’s job search journey.

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Outplacement support for exiting employees

Highlighting the value of employee growth is a major motivator during a transitionary period. This is why many outplacement companies focus on providing job coaching services that are tailored to the needs and goals of the employee.

This often comes in tandem with additional resources such as mock interviews, career assessments, salary benchmarking and much more.

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Outplacement support for organisations

Letting go of employees can be a difficult and emotional process affecting multiple layers within an organisation.

Hence, outplacement services are also available to help support HR teams and persons involved in managing the layoffs.

Outplacement services for your organisation might include:

  • Communicating layoff decisions to employees on behalf of managers
  • Offering support to remaining employees to ensure productivity is maintained
  • Assisting organisations in making layoff decisions

These services can occur in various forms and often include career coaching, job search programs, team training and more.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is outplacement support?

Outplacement support is a career transition service that is designed to help employees make a successful career change as efficiently as possible in the event of a lay-off or job loss. These services are usually contracted by the employer who is responsible for letting go of the employee.

Good outplacement services focus on helping an employee develop and refine their own personal brand. These services may include counselling or advise sessions that are designed to help employees market themselves upon re-entering the job market.

As some laid-off employees might be unfamiliar with the latest trends in the world of job searching (especially if they’ve been employed by the same company for a long time), these services also sometimes offer job searching techniques.

Not just limited to helping transitioning employees develop resumes and cover letters, outplacement services can also help connect employees with potential job leads.

A growing number of outplacement firms provide interactive online services to save employees the hassle of having to travel to attend their appointments. These sessions can take place over a video conference call, the phone or oven via text.

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How do you support clients after completion?

Ongoing recruitment support

After the individual consultation, Airswift’s career transition will provide with employee with active recruitment consultation for a period of eight weeks.

Upon completion of the eight-week period, we will continue to offer passive recruitment support for employees still on the lookout for future employment. Our ongoing recruitment support entails:

  • Proactively work on securing future employment for impacted persons
  • Providing impartial advice on opportunities to impacted persons, regardless of whether we are representing them in their job hunt
  • Readily available, consistent, dedicated support over skype, email, phone or face to face to help build confidence
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What are the benefits of working with Airswift

The benefits of working with Airswift for outplacement support are:

  • Extensive database of local knowledge and networks.

  • Reputation for excellence as a HR partner in Malaysia.

  • Trusted experts in the global energy, process and infrastructure industries.

  • Diverse range of HR services to deliver a fully integrated consulting solutions to our clients.

  • Skilled and experienced team of local and regional HR professionals who are well networked and resourced.

  • Strong management team focused on delivery at high standards.

  • Maintain a professional company image and reputation.

  • Ease distress, and maintain morale amongst retained employees through professional expertise.
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Client testimonials

I have always found Airswift to be very responsive, helpful and knowledgeable. We have used Airswift specifically to facilitate contractor needs in countries where we have not had an entity or where we have had a need for specific contractor assistance that Airswift can provide.
Individuals have gone the extra mile to ensure that my needs are met. In my opinion, no company has conducted itself in a more professional manner than Airswift.
Airswift have been extremely helpful to me and the Chamber Board in supporting Chamber activities and indeed have offered us great support with projects for our wider clientele. We hold the team at Airswift in high regard for their professionalism and diligence, but more importantly for the friendliness and willingness that they have shown towards us.
They successfully sourced, onboarded and managed a large workforce. Airswift's local knowledge and experience in the UAE market, combined with an intertwined cross-regional approach to project support, have been vital in ensuring the success of the project to date.

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