Contract Staffing and Contingent Labour Supply

Temporary staffing can play an integral part of your long term workforce strategy

Contract recruitment designed for staffing agility

Companies that need a temporary workforce should not have to sacrifice quality for timely staffing or vice versa. 

The challenge when managing human resources is two-fold:

  • A contractor with the right skills is hired at the right price at the right time
  • The on-boarding contractor is fully compliant with respect to a variety of risks. These risks range from health and safety through to payroll and tax remittance.

Connecting with talent is made challenging if your project is far from your headquarters. 

How can you recruit the best possible candidates in an area where you have no connections or existing offices? You use a global workforce solutions expert, of course! 

Airswift offers four distinct contract hire solutions:

Our approach to contingent work provides high-quality and safety focused contractors.

We also provide guidance on improvement opportunities related to your temporary workforce. We can support a range of risk and workforce management initiatives.

Our contract hire services

Contingent Labour Supply


When you are looking to hire contingent workers compliantly, you need a specialist. 

Our technical recruiters focus on qualified candidates within their niche. We operate a 24/7 delivery centre model and maintain an extensive candidate database.

Workforce Consolidation Program (WCP)


There are many reasons you may wish to consolidate your contract workforce:

  • Non-compliant or poor performing vendors
  • Efficiency demands
  • Lack of geographic presence

Our WCP is a tailored service to optimise contingent labour vendors. This eliminates unnecessary cost by transitioning contract workers to the most efficient suppliers.

Master Vendor Program


Engaging a strategic contract workforce partner as a master vendor ensures:

  1. Streamlined processes
  2. Consistency in commercials
  3. Compliance with local employment laws
  4. Cost advantages and an improved bottom line

Managed Service Provision


Airswift’s Managed Service Provider (MSP) delivers when:

  • Recruiting and mobilising teams in multiple disciplines
  • Integrating technology
  • Optimising supply chains

How does Airswift secure the best candidates for contract positions?

Discipline focused recruiters

Our contract recruiters are discipline specialists, reflecting the entire engineering project lifecycle. This focused approach helps them stay ahead of market trends, networks and candidate availability.

An extensive database and sourcing methodology

Our extensive database contains over 1,000,000 qualified professional engineers. We also have multiple means of attracting and sourcing the right candidates.

A global presence and local expertise

Airswift operates in both large and small capacities as a contingent workforce partner.  Our global reach combined with local teams allows Airswift great flexibility. Local teams with expertise in employment law and business culture is key to our success. It also ensures you have access to the best in local and expatriate talent.

Service close to your project needs

We can provide onsite delivery teams combining recruitment and service specialists. Onsite account managers and recruiters provide rapid response and local business expertise.

Dedication to quality and contractor retention

We are dedicated to understanding your requirements, vision and values. This ensures the personal values of our candidates align with those of our clients.

Rigorous assessment and screening

Our recruiters work with multiple screening methods to assess candidate experience and competence.  Candidates are only submitted after a thorough review of their resume and details.

Guaranteeing great service

Dedicated service consultants

Our service team are in constant communication with contractors and clients. This ensures regular feedback on performance and agility to adjust as necessary. We respond to contractor queries via phone, email, or text within 24 hours.

Referral bonus

Our contingent workers receive bonuses for referring top talent from their network.

Retention program

Our Retention Program promotes loyalty and guides contractors to their next career opportunity. It also ensures the retention of quality talent for our clients.

The Airswift referred seal

All recommended past Airswift contractors’ resumes come with the Airswift Referred Seal. This informs clients that the contractor has excelled in a prior Airswift assignment.

Global employment and mobility expertise

Global Mobility. Airswift’s contractor service team works seamlessly with our dedicated global employment and mobility function. This ensures a full suite of contractor support is available across employment, mobilisation, immigration, payroll and tax.

If you are looking to hire full time, permanent employees we also provide direct hire services.