Contract Staffing and Contingent Labour Supply

Temporary staffing can play an integral part of your long term workforce strategy

Contract recruitment designed for staffing agility

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Companies that need a temporary workforce should not have to sacrifice quality for timely staffing or vice versa. 

The challenge when managing human resources is two-fold:

  • A contractor with the right skills is hired at the right price at the right time
  • The on-boarding contractor is fully compliant with respect to a variety of risks. These risks range from health and safety through to payroll and tax remittance.

Connecting with talent is made challenging if your project is far from your headquarters. 

How can you recruit the best possible candidates in an area where you have no connections or existing offices? You use a global workforce solutions expert, of course! 

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Looking for contingent talent?


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Airswift offers four distinct contract hire solutions:

We also provide guidance on improvement opportunities related to your temporary workforce. We can support a range of risk and workforce management initiatives.

Our contract hire services

  • Contingent Labour Supply
  • Workforce Consolidation Program
  • Master Vendor Program
  • Managed Service Provision

If you are looking to hire full-time, permanent employees, we also provide direct hire services.

Client testimonials

I have always found Airswift to be very responsive, helpful and knowledgeable. We have used Airswift specifically to facilitate contractor needs in countries where we have not had an entity or where we have had a need for specific contractor assistance that Airswift can provide.
I have only positive feedback. My main point of contact is friendly, responsive, proactive and understands our needs. We have always received high calibre temporary employees and I would highly recommend Airswift.
In over 6+ years of dealing with Airswift, the quality of service has always been of a high level. The team are always very responsive and my dealings. They are open, honest very approachable. There have been times when the candidate market hasn’t returned the ‘right’ candidate and this honesty has been appreciated by AEMO. Additionally, I have never experienced a ‘pushy’ style from the Airswift team.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is our approach to discipline-focused recruitment?

Airswift's recruiters specialise in the entire engineering lifecycle, keeping up with market trends and candidate availability.
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How do we maintain a robust candidate database?

We have over 1,000,000 qualified STEM professionals in our database, sourced through diverse, effective methods.
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What advantages does our global and local presence offer?

We provide onsite recruitment teams with rapid response capabilities and local business knowledge.
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What role does dedication to quality play in our recruitment?

We focus on aligning candidate values with client visions and requirements for optimal retention and quality.
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How rigorous is Airswift's candidate assessment and screening?

Candidates undergo thorough multi-method screening to ensure experience and competence before submission.
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What communication methods do our service consultants use?

Our service team liaises with contractors and clients through phone, email, or text, guaranteeing responses within 24 hours to ensure ongoing feedback and adaptability.
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What expertise do we offer in global employment and mobility?

Airswift's contractor service team collaborates closely with our specialised global employment and mobility division. This partnership provides comprehensive support for contractors, encompassing employment, mobilisation, immigration, payroll, and tax matters.
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Alternate View of Team Gathering
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Our services


Talent Acquisition

Few issues are as critical to project delivery as the identification, on-boarding and management of productive workforces. Our highly experienced team behind our talent acquisition services work directly with clients to identify their hiring needs.



Global Employment & Mobility

Airswift can act as a fully integrated outsourced Global Employment Organisation, working side-by-side with clients, taking the burden from in-house teams and managing the entire process on their behalf.



RPO & Managed Solutions

From recruiting and mobilising entire multi discipline teams, to integrating a technology focused approach and supply-chain management, our support teams take on as much of our clients’ workforce organisation burden as possible.



Workforce Consulting

Airswift has experience navigating the challenges of global expansion, managing international HR, tax and payroll challenges, finding niche and specialist talent, and restructuring and transforming organisations.


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