Contract Hire

An integral part of your workforce strategy

Contract workers are an integral part of workforce planning strategies

The challenge for any organisation is two-fold:

  • The right contractor is hired at the right price at the right time for the required deliverables
  • The on-boarding contractor is fully compliant with respect to a variety of risks from health and safety through to payroll and tax remittance.

At Airswift, our business has been built on the identification, mobilisation and support of technical contractors assigned to major energy, process and infrastructure projects worldwide.

How do we identify our contractors?

Airswift’s contractor identification methodology is unique in the industry and operates on a three-tiered process to assess, from over 250,000 industry attributed contractor profiles, the quality and availability of the ideal candidate for our clients.

Why is our mobilisation and support service unparalleled in the industry?

Unlike our competitors, Airswift’s contractor service team works seamlessly with our dedicated global mobility function to deliver a full suite of contractor support across employment, mobilisation, immigration, payroll and tax. For more information on our unparalleled range of services, click here.


Our Solutions

The Airswift approach to contract hire outlined above safely brings the best quality contractors to our clients in a timely manner.


However, we also understand that there are additional improvement opportunities regarding a modern-day contract workforce such as engaging teams, optimising contingent labour suppliers and eliminating unnecessary cost through transitioning active workers.

Airswift offers four distinct contract hire solutions:

Workforce Consolidation Program

There are many reasons why a client may look at consolidating a contract workforce, including non-compliant or poor performing vendors, efficiency demands or lack of geographic presence.

Airswift’s Workforce Consolidation Program (WCP) is a tailored service to optimise contingent labour vendors and eliminate unnecessary cost through transitioning active workers to the most efficient suppliers.

Master Vendor Program

Engaging a strategic contract workforce partner as a master vendor ensures streamlined processes, consistency in commercials, compliance and significant cost advantages versus a traditional preferred supplier model. Recently at Airswift, we have found our tailored solutions to be particularly powerful when implemented in a project environment where risks are relatively high.

Contingent Supply

The compliant identification, mobilisation and support of individuals or teams of contractors remains a key component of our contract hire solutions.

Managed Service Provider


Airswift’s Managed Service Provider (MSP) services are provided through Singular, a wholly owned subsidiary of Airswift. For more information, please click here.

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