Talent Mapping and Market Research

Accelerating your Hiring Strategy

How can talent mapping help your business compete?

Before beginning the recruitment process, you want assurance that it will be effective. Inadequate planning or slow hiring leads to project delays and a hurt bottom line.

A mapping exercise can help you uncover potential risks and opportunities.


Airswift’s talent mapping helps you focus on understanding key strategic workforce challenges

  • Visibility of direct-hire talent pools within peers and competitors
  • Targeting the best candidates and not the most available. This is particularly relevant for executive search
  • Live salary benchmarking data for engaged candidates
  • Employee value proposition perception information
  • Clarity and consistency when marketing your employer brand

A Talent Map is simple in its approach and provides bespoke real-time market intelligence. This ensures the best employment strategies are selected whilst delivering cost-effective talent acquisition

Could a talent map help you stay ahead of HR trends?

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How does the talent mapping process work?

We provide our clients with a tailored and in-depth market intelligence analysis of the candidate pool.

  • Identify certain skills & expertise
  • Illustrate the geographical spread of talent pools
  • Identify your employer brand proposition
  • Map competitors and the employment status of key employees
  • Assist in succession planning and talent management
  • Understand general executive benchmarking
  • Highlight diversity
  • Planning new market entry


Benefits of talent mapping - giving you complete visibility in the war for talent

Talent mapping provides an invaluable in-depth analysis of market conditions and competitor activity.

Talent mapping also provides answers to key questions, including:

How is our organisation perceived in the market place?
How do the top people in a sector rate us as an employer?
Are our salaries and benefits really competitive?

Talent mapping can be used for a variety of workforce challenges and situations:

  • Mass hire campaigns
  • Nationalisation programs or CSR policy compliance
  • Competitor tracking
  • Enable salary reviews in line with the market.
  • Bidding/tendering exercises
  • Succession or workforce planning
  • Market, location or technology entry
  • Business relocation
  • Perception and employee engagement studies
  • M&A - rationalisation of workforce
  • Retirees alumni program
  • Diversity and inclusion

By undertaking comprehensive market mapping, organisations are able to make an informed decision regarding their current, or future, hiring requirements.

We combine public/private data and our extensive network to generate insights on salary benchmarking, team structure and hierarchy. Our market mapping services are discrete and confidential and are conducted without alerting the market.

Market intelligence

  • Provision of accurate, real-time staffing costs
  • Full understanding of top talent on a local, regional and national basis
  • Highlights any trends or challenges faced (i.e. other projects) when building your talent pipeline
  • Identifies talent gaps
  • Outline career pathing requirements and address future talent shortages
  • Assures the attraction and retention of high potential pools of candidates
  • Opportunity to communicate a clear & consistent message to the talent pool
  • Supports talent planning
  • Provides access to talent as and when needed
  • Can be provided by discipline or sector

How can talent mapping optimise your business strategy?

Improve Efficiency of Talent AcquisitionICON-TALENTMAP-ImprovedEfficiency

  • Reduce time-to-hire
  • Reveals a clear picture of rewards
  • Enables just-in-time hiring
  • Communicates clear and consistent employer brand message to the talent pool

ICON-TALENTMAP-DecisionMakingImprove Reliability of Decision Making

  • Provides guidance for workforce planning
  • Reveals competitive talent segments/structures
  • Assures visibility of ALL prospective hires
  • Removes recruiter error

ICON-TALENTMAP-ProductivityIncrease Productivity

  • Allows hiring managers to focus on their core business activities
  • Flexible engagement – direct/contract
  • Significant reduction in cost per hire

Talent mapping projects delivered by Airswift:

  • Senior Marketing Director in Germany for an international electronics company
  • Sales Director in France for a speciality chemical manufacturer
  • HR director in Germany for a local automation company
  • President in the UK for an international textile manufacturer
  • Managing Director in Belgium for an international scaffolding manufacturer
  • Principal Advisor, Commercial Strategy for a large mining & metals business
  • Process Automation Engineers across the U.S. for specialist equipment manufacturer to the Pulp & Paper industry
  • Field Service Technicians and Operators for U.S. based Midstream company
  • Engineering and Operations management team for U.S. shale gas processing company
  • Tower Erection construction crew in U.S. for national Telecommunications EPC
  • Operations and Maintenance staff for U.S. Natural Gas transmission asset operator
  • S. Fuels Trading and Logistics Management for global Refined Fuels and Diesel Trading company
  • M&A Director in the U.S. for global chemicals conglomerate
  • Commercial Director in the U.S. for Korean midstream & chemical company
  • Infrastructure Leader (Rail) in California, USA for a global design, engineering & consultancy practice
  • Asia BD Director for a cable manufacturing UK-based company
  • FPSO Construction & Commissioning Team – reviewing the costs of local workforce vs regional workforce
  • Cost analysis of China vs Singapore vs Vietnam business set up for a services company
  • Employee value proposition perception study for a large engineering firm following a safety incident
  • Various mass hire talent maps for multiple roles on large, global energy, engineering and industrial projects