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I have always found Airswift to be very responsive, helpful and knowledgeable. We have used Airswift specifically to facilitate contractor needs in countries where we have not had an entity or where we have had a need for specific contractor assistance that Airswift can provide.

Worley - Client

Individuals have gone the extra mile to ensure that my needs are met. In my opinion, no company has conducted itself in a more professional manner than Airswift.

BP, Azerbaijan - Contractor

Airswift have been extremely helpful to me and the Chamber Board in supporting Chamber activities and indeed have offered us great support with projects for our wider clientele. We hold the team at Airswift in high regard for their professionalism and diligence, but more importantly for the friendliness and willingness that they have shown towards us.

British Chamber of Commerce Qatar, Qatar - Client

They successfully sourced, onboarded and managed a large workforce. Airswift's local knowledge and experience in the UAE market, combined with an intertwined cross-regional approach to project support, have been vital in ensuring the success of the project to date.

Bluewater Energy Services, United Arab Emirates - Client

The person I dealt with was a stand out because they were extremely helpful and efficient in getting information so quickly. They have been very warm, gracious and professional.

Transocean, Japan - Client

Airswift gave excellent help with the whole process, from visa, flights to medical transportation. Everyone has been very helpful and welcoming. A great team all around. Airswift is an excellent organisation.

Chevron, China - Client

Airswift has a team of specialist recruiters which have been pivotal in providing high quality talent throughout our operations in Papua New Guinea. The team at Airswift have shown themselves to be an ethical, reliable and responsible partner continuously adding value in every situation.

Oilsearch, Papua New Guinea - Client

We have been partnering with Airswift for our workforce solutions service and we are very satisfied with their dedications and efficiency.

Rail Control Systems Australia, Australia - Client

Airswift is one of the most reliable contingent labor providers that we work with. Their team has consistently provided highly skilled clean energy talent to job sites in every imaginable location. The Airswift staff has consistently responded to our requests, and the level of professional services has set the standard by which we now measure other renewable energy recruitment companies.

FieldCore - Client

We knew that we could rely on Airswift and that they do their best to get the job done. Great knowledge about the alternative energy market and details of the positions that we were going to hire. Airswift are not pushy and aggressive like other agencies. They provide good and professional service at fair and reasonable prices while accommodating customer’s needs and expectations.

Siemens Gamesa - Client

The Airswift team has been instrumental in key steps of several of our green energy projects. The whole team offers both quantitative and qualitative support with high sense of service, even with tight deadlines.

Bourbon - Client

I was only with Airswift for 6 months and I lost count of how many calls I received from them to see how I was going. I was lucky to get a call from other recruiters. My new job will be direct but I would definitely use Airswift again in the future.

Calibre, Australia - Contractor

All of the Airswift Employees I have been in contact with from day one of recruitment to now have been absolutely amazing. Keep up the great job of professionalism, promptness and excellent people skills. All have been there and helped me with everything and were so positive and courteous.

Chevron, United States of America - Contractor

I am very pleased with the company, and would certainly recommend it to any friend, customer, supplier, if possible.

ExxonMobil Exploration, Brazil - Contractor

The speed in Airswift's team is incredible; once we got through the detailed plan, the candidates came through rapidly with incredible quality.

IIA, United States of America - Client

Airswift is one of the best agencies to deal with globally.

Inter Pipeline, Canada - Contractor

Airswift is the most professional of recruitment firms I have dealt with in many FPSO projects. Their dedication, timely intervention, effective communication and dissemination of important pandemic information such as Government directives, Advisories, Control and Safeguarding measures to NVUP staff are commendable.

Teekay Shipping, Singapore - Contractor

Keep up the good work, you are doing a great job by taking care of your employees ... THANK YOU..

Ooredoo, Kuwait - Contractor

I have only positive feedback. My main point of contact is friendly, responsive, proactive and understands our needs. We have always received high calibre temporary employees and I would highly recommend Airswift.

Inmarsat, United States of America - Client

Each employee with whom I have contact provides friendly, prompt and professional service.

Fluor, United States of America - Contractor

My contacts provided excellent service, keeping me informed every step of the way during the onboarding process and providing quick responses to my questions regarding my assignment with the client company.

NOVA Chemicals Corporation, Canada - Contractor

Airswift employee's good to communicate with and fast reaction to questions and very helpful on all fronts of employment focus.

Chevron, United States of America - Contractor

All of the employees that I dealt directly with handled my request in a timely manner . Air swift to me is the greatest company that I have ever worked for.

Phillips 66 Refinery, United States of America - Contractor

I always found Airswift to be very supportive and professional in all aspects of our dealings during this 30 month assignment.

Shell, United Kingdom - Contractor

I love working with Airswift. They are a premiere company.

Parsley Energy, United States of America - Contractor

PNG team were wonderful on their support with on boarding and whilst in quarantine. Very accommodating and amenable.

Oilsearch, Papua New Guinea - Contractor

All the people I was in contact with were outstanding, friendly and always helpful, I made my life a lot easier. I would most definitely want to work with Airswift in the future. Cheers.

Alstom, Australia - Contractor

I've found having local support very helpful and Airswift have been overall very responsive

Cenovus, Canada - Contractor

Airswift was very helpful and communications were always prompt, I could not find any fault with the Airswift operation.

Jadestone, Australia - Contractor

By far one of the best providers I have worked with to date. I’m very pleased so far.

ExxonMobil Exploration, United States of America - Contractor

I appreciate the engagement from the WA office, the team have partnered with us at Woodside to assist us achieve our talent requirements. The team have consistently provided suitable candidates while being responsive and provide great service to our team.

Woodside Energy - Client

The speed in Airswift's team is incredible; once we got through the detailed plan, the candidates came through rapidly with incredible quality.

IIA, United States of America - Client

I can see clearly a very positive evolution in 2 years on the services and the reactivity of Airswift. Even if mistakes happen, my contact is still reactive to find solutions! I am very happy to deal with this agency

SBM Offshore - Client

No comment, best agency in South Korea. The Team did an amazing job for ENI Coral Project (Technip JGC Joint venture)

Technip Energies - Client

Very happy with the service that Airswift provides & the communication that I have with them.

Shell, Australia - Contractor

My contact is a very nice person and great professional. She was always assisting me with my queries despite her busy schedule. Her prompt reaction and desire to help exceeded my expectations. She possesses strong public relation skills and a great ability to remain organized at all times. I express all my sincere appreciation for all her help and support.

ExxonMobil Exploration, United Arab Emirates - Contractor

I have only positive feedback for my contact at Airswift. She is friendly, responsive, proactive and understands our needs. We have always received high calibre temporary employees from my consultant and I would highly recommend Airswift.

Inmarsat, United States of America - Client

My contact always provides good candidates and I find he applies the right level of contact. As such, he's one of my recommended recruiters.

Stantec - Client

I could not have asked for a better team. Having had several other experiences in the talent acquisition business, my two contacts have gone above and beyond to make my experience with Airswift a continued success. Well done!

Wagner-Meinert, LLC - Client

Airswift’s recruiters spend time understanding our needs and source candidates that fit our company culture. This is very important for me as a small business owner because if we make a wrong hiring choice, it might compromise the entire team.

Spraying Technologies LLC - Client

Just to reinforce that my focal point was totally resilient in searching the final candidate in Guyana and I really appreciate her effort on that.

American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) - Client

My contact has always provided quick and efficient response to any of my questions and needs. She has provided great support.

Total, Azerbaijan - Contractor

So far I've communicated with several representatives of Airswift staff in Azerbaijan on various issues. They are very nice, open and polite. They are always helpful and tried to address every issue that I'd come with.

Equinor, Azerbaijan - Contractor

My consultant is a very responsible employee, always friendly. She is very attentive, delicate in communication. Communication with her is always pleasant. Whatever question I address in her, she will always find time to answer competently, professionally, always trying to help in the appearance of questions. I would like to wish career growth and all the benefits to her and the entire Airswift team.

Equinor, Kazakhstan - Contractor

I’ve had nothing but positive interactions with the Airswift office.

Marathon Petroleum , United States of America - Contractor

Congratulations to Airswift for your utmost support, double thumbs up for me

Neste, Singapore - Contractor

I have worked with some good talent at Airswift, my contact has been so wonderful

Qatar Petroleum , Qatar - Contractor

Glad I was able to work under the service of Airswift. They are such supportive on every details of their field of service.

Qatar Petroleum , Qatar - Contractor

My contacts have been super. They are very responsive and take care of even a smallest issue in less than 24 hours. Absolutely dazzling support. Thank you both.

Inter Pipeline, Canada - Contractor

Airswift has been great! My account contact has always been helpful to me. She answers all my questions quickly and respectfully. Even if she doesn’t know the answer herself, she lets me know that she will find the answer, which she always does.

Husky Energy, Canada - Contractor

Fully satisfied with their services from day 1 till now, keep it up!

SBM Offshore, Malaysia - Contractor

My service consultant has been amazing in handling any questions/concerns/requests I may have. I never have to wait for her to get back to me and she always makes the effort to ensure all is well with me. Very grateful for her!

TC Energy, Canada - Contractor

I am so grateful the Airswift employees. They been always there for me and very supportive all the time. They are all excellent. Thank you all very much.

ExxonMobil Exploration, Iraq - Contractor

Best service, always there to assist, friendly home like environment and good listeners.

Ooredoo, Kuwait - Contractor

Great company and thank you for everything you do!

EOG Resources, United States of America - Contractor

My contact was a very helpful agent, she responded rapidly and always had the answers to my questions.

NOVA Chemicals Corporation, Canada - Contractor

It has been a great 2 years of work with Airswift company l can always easily communicate with the company through our senior service consultant, she has been a great help for me and for the rest of the team that are working with me so I really appreciate her help and continues support.

BP, Iraq - Contractor

I am impressed with my contacts professionalism and swift responses to any and all issues that have arisen in the last 12 months, seemingly at any time during the day and late evening, even on weekends.

Shell, Australia - Contractor

My consultant has been very helpful & professional in all of our interactions.

Inter Pipeline, Canada - Contractor

I always appreciate the efforts of my contact and her team.

Inter Pipeline, Canada - Contractor

Airswift is an asset of the company. If the contract at one company is completed, Airswift can find another company to be a new place of work according to their field so that the employee is looking for himself and not long unemployed

Angola LNG, Angola - Contractor

The staff is always helpful, prompt and give clear instruction/direction. With their help, I've never missed a pay period.

Inter Pipeline, Canada - Contractor

All queries or questions are handled efficiently and with a min of fuss. I receive calls from support teams and management even during what has been a difficult lockdown year and travel restriction. Payroll is fast accurate and efficient.

Qatargas, Qatar - Contractor

I had a great support from the Airswift Team. Thanks

Qatargas, Qatar - Contractor

We've received high quality services from Airswift

ExxonMobil Exploration, Iraq - Contractor

Airswift have such an amazing people like my service consultant, she is so cooperative and ready to give the help at any time.

Siemens, Iraq - Contractor

Thanks to Airswift, I was able to grow as a person and professionally because every job I was given I saw as a new challenge and training. Today, I can deal with every situation because of the helpful feedback I received from every job. I am very grateful for that and hope to work with Airswift again soon.

Sonimech, Angola - Contractor

I'm proud to work with Airswift. An amazing and professional team. I hope to work with them in the future. They are always providing support and advice, while maintaining a quick response for any issue I have had. Thank you!

Siemens, Iraq - Contractor

I started with Airswift in August 2021 and from the very start I was made to feel welcome. They provided plenty of information on my contract and travel to Angola, and checked in with me when I arrived to see how I was doing. That's when I knew I was working for a company who genuinely cares about the welfare of their staff. I don't think I have worked for another company that makes you feel that you're part of a team in recent years.

Maersk Supply Service Subsea, Angola - Contractor

I would like to express my gratitude to Airswift for helping our Talent Acquisition team in finding people so quickly for our PGL project. Their contribution was really appreciated and made a big difference. Renewable energy is important for SBM, so it was great having their support.

SBM Offshore - Client

Airswift always takes the time to understand my requirements beyond a job description in order to try and find the right candidate.

TC Energy, Canada - Client

It was a major challenge to transfer a large contractor population to a sole supplier, but the support and efficiency of Airswift throughout the process made the transition seamless. We continue to be impressed with the service level and attention to detail provided by Airswift.

EnQuest - Client

I get to deal with a lot of agencies, and I would say Airswift is at the top.

Noble Drilling, Singapore - Client

My experience with Airswift is that they are a first class organisation offering highly skilled and motivated individuals. Their flexibility in every day challenges and business dealings is an extreme asset.

Bechtel - Client

Airswift understood our goals and delivered more than expected ahead of schedule. In short, the Airswift team has been great to work with all the way. From the first contact to after the project was finished. We will not hesitate to use them again

Maersk Supply Service Subsea - Client

In over 6+ years of dealing with Airswift, the quality of service has always been of a high level. The team are always very responsive and my dealings. They are open, honest very approachable. There have been times when the candidate market hasn’t returned the ‘right’ candidate and this honesty has been appreciated by AEMO. Additionally, I have never experienced a ‘pushy’ style from the Airswift team.

AEMO, Australia - Client

Working with Airswift to fill a critical leadership role for our business has been a wonderful experience and they exceeded our expectations on every level. The communication and alignment throughout the process made for a smooth search process for us. The most difficult part of the process was selecting the final candidate, because the caliber of talent we interviewed was exceptional with each individual very well qualified against the score card for the role. Airswift has officially refreshed our faith in recruiters. The feedback from the candidates about their interaction with Airswift and their impression of our company throughout the experience was tremendous. We highly recommend the entire team at Airswift for their professionalism, collaboration and communication. This recruitment agency understands the value of true partnership and delivers impeccable service!

CDN Controls, Canada - Client

Airswift has helped us fill 5 roles across various functional groups in North America including Engineering, Project Management, QA/QC, Health and Safety and Business Development in the last 6 months. I’m happy with the quality of candidates and the level of service that I’ve received. I believe that Airswift has done a great job of identifying candidates in the British Columbia and USA market despite the shortage of talent.

Mercer Mass Timber, Canada - Client

Airswift has been working with our company for a couple of years providing us with RPO staffing support. They were able to provide us with a dedicated recruitment resource who has done a tremendous job for us. The RPO contract with Airswift enabled us to hire the specialised, technical staff that we needed on a global basis, on time and on budget.

NovAtel Hexagon, Canada - Client

Professionalism of staff – We have high trust in Airswift. Compliance with procedure – We have high confidence that they will always will do the right thing.

Woodside Energy - Client

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